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Isenberg & Hewitt, PC | A Business And Personal Injury Law Firm | Since 1989
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Isenberg & Hewitt, PC | A Business And Personal Injury Law Firm | Since 1989
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Fed Ex Lawsuit Information

April 15, 2021, is a day that will forever haunt those who lost loved ones in a mass murder at a FedEx ground facility in Indianapolis. While nothing can ever bring those lives back, legal action may deliver a much-needed measure of justice and closure to surviving family members. Melvin L. Hewitt, Jr. of Isenberg & Hewitt, PC is taking a leading role in helping these grieving families explore their legal options.

On April 11, 2022, Isenberg & Hewitt held a press conference announcing its representation of five families whose loved ones were killed in an active shooter/mass casualty event at a FedEx Ground Package facility in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Lawsuit Announcement

Could Someone Have Stopped This?

The shooter delivered fatal wounds to eight people before taking his own life. What haunts family members and others close to the shooting victims is a vexing question: Could someone have prevented this?

This question naturally leads to inquiries about FedEx’s role in allowing a mass shooting to take place at their facility, as well as questions of liability by other parties. Could ample security measures have exposed the danger before those lives were taken?

The murderer’s own mother issued a warning in March of 2020 when she informed law enforcement officials that her son may attempt to commit “suicide by cop.”

Nonetheless, on the fateful day of the shooting, he was able to enter the parking lot armed with a loaded firearm where he began shooting, and then enter the facility itself where he continued. In addition to the eight who lost their lives, several more suffered serious injuries.

Exploring All Avenues Of Relief

Attorney Hewitt understands the thorough approach that is required to deliver justice and compensation to those who have suffered due to the loss of a loved one. “We’re going to look into not only FedEx…but we’re going to look into what happened, why did that happen and should it have happened,” he said.

This is not Mr. Hewitt’s first case involving a shooting at a FedEx facility. He took part in a similar case in which six people were injured at a ground facility in Georgia. “Preliminarily, it involves gathering all the records that you can gather…and then we make a decision from there,” he said. “Then if suit is filed, we’ll get records from all the entities that were involved or had anything to do with being involved.”

If the legal action goes forward, it may provide surviving family members with compensation for the many hardships they have suffered due to this tragic, and possibly preventable, loss of life.

Indianapolis FedEx Story