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Woman sues Disney after suffering injuries on raft ride

Georgia residents who love going to Disneyland may be interested to learn that on Nov. 16, a woman filed a lawsuit against Disney claiming that a ride left her with injuries to her teeth and jaw. In the lawsuit, the 52-year-old woman blamed the operators for failing to keep the ride safe for visitors.

The woman claimed that she was at the Disney California Adventure Park with several members of her family in 2015 when they got on the Grizzly River Run. The woman's attorney said that rapids flung the raft into the wall. This was allegedly not an impact normally experienced as part of the ride. The impact caused the woman to suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction in addition to cracked front teeth. She spent two years undergoing surgery and recovering from the injuries.

Jury awards $7.5 million in Walmart slip and fall lawsuit case

Georgia residents may have read media reports about a man who was awarded $7.5 million in damages after filing a slip and fall lawsuit against Walmart. The 61-year-old Alabama man sued the big-box retailer on claims of wantonness and negligence after breaking his hip at a Phenix City Walmart store in 2015. After deliberating for approximately two hours, the Russell County Circuit Court jury awarded the man $5 million in punitive damages and $2.5 million in compensatory damages.

According to the lawsuit, the man suffered his injury when his foot became lodged in a pallet that was being used to display watermelons. The man claims that he fell when he turned to walk away from the display after picking up a watermelon. The man's attorneys say that Walmart should have covered the pallet to protect shoppers from injury.

Family sues stadium over man's fatal fall

Georgia football fans may have heard that the family of a man who fell to his death at Denver's Sports Authority Field at Mile High is suing the stadium and others for wrongful death damages. The complaint was filed in Denver on Oct. 24, exactly one year after the incident occurred.

According to media accounts, the victim, age 36, was sitting on a fire escape railing during a Denver Broncos football game when he slipped and fell 60 feet to the floor below. He suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries to his head, neck and torso and died the next day. The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of the victim's widow and five children, claims that the fire escape did not have uniform railings and steps and was, therefore, unsafe for use by stadium patrons.

My client won't pay? What should I do?

Your customer hasn't paid you. It's more than annoying; it may be financially ruinous. Trying to get customers to pay what they owe you may be one of the most frustrating parts of running a business, and you probably wish there were some ways to avoid it.

One thing you may begin doing is carefully vetting any customers to whom you wish to extend credit. This may be as easy as doing a Google search for bad reviews or evidence of financial issues. You may consider requiring partial payments before you begin work or starting with smaller projects. Of course, your contract should include details about payment and penalties for late payments. This may be helpful in the future, but how do you deal with clients who owe you now?

Fall prevention should include assessments of flooring

Many Georgians are injured in slip-and-fall accidents each year, leading some businesses to try to implement measures to prevent them. A recent study of slip-and-fall accidents found that the flooring type and cleaning methods may cause many of the slip and fall accidents.

According to CNA, an insurance provider for businesses, the flooring in half of the sites that were surveyed did not have friction coefficients that were above the minimum standard set by the American National Standards Institute. The friction coefficient is a measurement of the resistance of the floors to slipping.

Nursing home abuse is inexcusable, and you can fight back

If your Georgia family made the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, it is likely that you did so expecting the staff to treat him or her well. It can be beyond heartbreaking to learn that not only did the facility fail to provide care that met acceptable standards, it was not able to protect your loved one from abuse.

Nursing home abuse can come in many different forms, but no matter the form, it is always unacceptable. If your loved one is a victim, you have the right to fight back on his or her behalf. You have the right to hold liable parties accountable and seek appropriate compensation for abuse, neglect and other types of mistreatment in a nursing home.

Liability unclear in mass shooting event

Georgians were horrified by the mass murder of 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas by a gunman who was shooting from his casino hotel. As the families of the victims slowly begin to recover, questions may arise about who might hold liability for the incident and the resulting losses of life.

Some people wonder whether the event venue where the concert was held or the Mandalay Bay Hotel from where the shooter targeted the concertgoers might be liable to pay for treating the injured and compensating the families of those who were killed. Initially, some experts believed that the venue had done everything necessary to prepare for the event, including using security professionals and security gates. However, this mass shooting was at least the fourth that has occurred in recent years at entertainment venues.

Fan takes legal action after accident

Georgia residents may know the joy of catching a foul ball at a baseball game. However, one man who was hit in the face by a foul ball at a Chicago Cubs game was anything but happy. He sued the team for negligence claiming that there wasn't enough netting to keep him safe. The man lost vision in his left eye after being hit on Aug. 29.

As of October 2017, the Mets have netting in their stadium while the Yankees will add it for next season. The commissioner of Major League Baseball said that there is no mandate for all teams to add netting. However, it is possible that such an edict could come in the future. In a statement, the spokesperson for the Cubs said that fan safety is paramount to the organization. The 60-year-old victim is seeking a minimum of $50,000 in damages.

1 million Americans suffer from stair-related injuries every year

Georgia residents may be interested to learn that more than 1 million Americans every year suffer injuries after falling or tripping on the stairs. According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, all age groups are at risk for suffering injuries after falling or tripping on the stairs.

Younger children, older adults and women reported the highest number of injuries. However, all age groups are regularly admitted into emergency departments across the nation for stair-related injuries. The recent study was not able to determine why younger children, older adults and women had higher rates of stair-related injuries. Common injuries include fractures, strains, sprains and bumps. According to a senior author of the study, the frequency and rate of these injuries were increasing.

You probably felt safe at the ATM at one time

You may be among the many people who would say that the invention of the Automatic Teller Machine was one of the best to come along in the banking industry. You have access to your money any time of the day or night. The problem is that in many cases, you face risks when using an ATM.

You may have checked around you before entering your password, but in those few seconds when your attention was on your transaction, someone attacked you. The assault may have lasted a few seconds or a couple of minutes. The point is that you suffered injuries and may never feel safe at an ATM again.

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