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Fire dangers in apartment buildings

The money you pay for your rental unit covers a variety of expenses. In addition to paying for a place to live, your rent may include hot water, a parking space, extra storage and maintenance. Renting an apartment in Georgia instead of owning your residence often means you are not responsible for groundskeeping, cleaning of common areas or improvements on the property.

What you may forget is that your rental agreement provides you with certain rights, among which is the right to live in a place where your landlord takes every reasonable precaution for your safety and wellbeing. However, living in an apartment building means dealing with many variables and unknowns. Despite your own caution, your safety often depends on the caution of your neighbors and the diligence of your landlord, especially where the risk of fire is concerned.

Lawsuit filed over Atlanta hotel Legionnaire's outbreak

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported on Aug. 12 that one person has died and a further 63 have become ill in connection with an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease at an Atlanta area hotel. At least a dozen cases have been confirmed by lab tests. One lawsuit has been filed against the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel over the outbreak, and legal experts expect many more. The 67-year-old man who filed the lawsuit wants a jury trial and is seeking damages to compensate him for his medical bills, pain and suffering and lost income.

The man's attorney says that the Legionnaire's disease outbreak could only have been caused by gross negligence on the part of the hotel. The disease is caused by bacteria commonly found in fresh water that can become dangerous when it enters building water systems and is allowed to grow. The condition can be fatal if it is not treated in a timely manner. Those who do receive treatment suffer symptoms including fever, shortness of breath, chills, chest pains and severe coughing. These symptoms can persist for up to eight weeks after treatment begins.

Wayne Newton faces lawsuit over 2017 pet monkey attack

Georgia residents may be intrigued to hear about a lawsuit that has been filed against Wayne Newton, the Las Vegas entertainer, over an unusual incident. Back in October 2017, a woman who went on a tour of one of Newton's former estates was allegedly bitten by a monkey that the performer had been keeping there as a pet.

The estate, called the Casa de Shenandoah, became a museum and tourist attraction after being sold to investors back in 2010. It features gardens, a stable for Newton's horses and many exotic animals. Reports say that the victim of the attack was 15 years old at the time and toured the mansion together with her mother, who is the plaintiff in this case. They were both invited to the tour, and they claim not to have provoked the monkey.

Slip and falls, and the various claims they lead to

Under the premises liability laws in Georgia, property owners have a responsibility to keep lawful entrants like guests, customers and employees free from harm. If an entrant uses the property in a reasonably safe manner but gets injured, then there may be grounds for a claim. Slip-and-fall claims are among the most common premises liability cases, and they can arise from various types of injuries.

One type of claim could arise from inadequate facilities. This means that the owner failed to address a safety issue in a reasonable amount of time, indirectly causing the victim's injury. Examples of inadequate facilities include dim lighting and the presence of trip hazards like torn carpeting and improperly stored cords and cables.

An overview of escalator safety

Though escalators are among the safest modes of transportation, they can still be the site of accidents. The National Elevator Industry offers some escalator safety tips that Georgia residents will want to take into account. After all, the majority of accidents stem from the negligence of those riding the escalator.

Passengers must first of all step on and off while watching the direction of the steps, holding the handrail once they are on and facing forward. They should not ride on the handrail. Furthermore, riders must never step on to an escalator that's heading in the opposite direction.

Woman sues Drake, claiming traumatic brain injury

Some Georgia fans of the musician Drake might have heard that he is facing a lawsuit in relation to an injury that occurred at one of his shows in 2016. The 24-year-old New York woman who filed it has also named Madison Square Gardens, an employee and Live Nation in the lawsuit.

According to news reports, on Aug. 8, 2016, the woman attended a show at Madison Square Gardens and was hit with a beer bottle. As a result, she says she suffered seizures and a traumatic brain injury. The lawsuit says it prevented her medical school attendance and that the attack was unprovoked.

Extending commercial credit can help your business if clients pay

You appreciate your clients. After all, other Georgia business owners may have many choices within your industry, but they choose to come back to your business for their needs. This demonstrates their satisfaction in your product or service and their trust in your standards.

You demonstrate your trust in your commercial clients as well. One important way you do that is to extend credit. Offering commercial credit accounts is a smart way to build strong relationships with your clients. Unfortunately, not every customer lives up to the trust you place in them. The problem is that you may not know which customers will be too great a risk. However, you can take precautions before offering credit to a new client.

Did you suffer injuries while living in a rental?

When you began looking for a place to live, you may have felt limited in your options. Various circumstances could have led to this feeling, such as few available rentals in your area, limited income or other factors. After a time, you found a place you could afford and moved in.

Over time, however, you may have begun to wonder whether your apartment or rental home was safe. Though landlords have an obligation to ensure that their rentals do not pose health or safety hazards to tenants, some landlords do not always maintain their residences as well as they should.

Preventing slip-and-fall injuries is critical for property owners

Slip-and-fall incidents are behind many personal injury lawsuits in Georgia. A variety of different circumstances may contribute to a slip and fall occurring at a commercial or residential property. Taking precautions may help protect property owners from being legally responsible for any accidents that occur.

Ice and snow can easily cause people to slip on frozen sidewalks and parking lots. Though property owners aren't typically responsible for the ice and snow that accumulates due to winter weather conditions, they can be held liable if conditions on their property led to the injury occurring. Property owners should ensure that drains and gutters are free of clutter and clogs. Furthermore, it's important that sidewalks and parking lots are in good condition. Owners who choose to remove ice and snow from their premises need to do so in a safe manner.

Gas leak may be behind Florida shopping center explosion

Property owners in Georgia should know that they have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment. As part of that, they must routinely inspect their gas pipes for any leaks. An incident at a Florida shopping center illustrates what can happen if property owners fail in this regard.

On the morning of July 6, firefighters in the town of Plantation, Florida, received a call about a possible gas explosion at a shopping center. One store had its windows blown out, and another was left standing with nothing but its metal frame. The roof was blown off one section. Debris went flying for hundreds of yards, raining down with such force that one person in a nearby parking lot took refuge under his vehicle.

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