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Isenberg & Hewitt, PC | A Business And Personal Injury Law Firm | Since 1989
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Attorneys And Experts That Seek Justice For Your Brain Or Head Injury

At Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, we are dedicated to protecting the interests of brain injury victims and their families. We understand that these are life-changing injuries that affect entire families.

Our attorneys work with experts including economists, life care planners, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to get a real sense of the value of a serious personal injury claim. Determining the ongoing needs and economic losses clients are faced with allows us to maximize compensation for medical expenses, physical and emotional pain and suffering, lost earnings, diminished capacities to earn, permanent and partial disabilities, in-home care and other damages.

Types Of Brain Injuries

Severe brain injuries show many symptoms and can impact each individual differently. The unifying factor with all catastrophic brain injuries is that they must be treated seriously and victims of serious head and brain injuries must seek medical attention as quickly as possible. This includes situations where you have suffered brain damage or symptoms such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Concussion
  • Open head wounds
  • Loss of consciousness
  • An object penetrating the skull
  • Skull fracture
  • Post-concussive syndrome

Even if there are no outward signs of an injury, any blow to the head or potential brain trauma must be assessed by a medical professional as quickly as possible. Symptoms of brain injuries are often not present for weeks or months and are often witnessed by family members and friends rather than the victim. Seeing a doctor right away can help you preserve your ability to pursue a claim when symptoms appear.

After The Hospital, Call Us To Protect Your Interests

Once you have reached out for medical care, contact our Atlanta head and brain injury lawyers so that you can receive the information and legal care you need. Our office is MARTA-accessible.