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Isenberg & Hewitt, PC | A Business And Personal Injury Law Firm | Since 1989
To talk with a lawyer call (770) 901-2666
Isenberg & Hewitt, PC | A Business And Personal Injury Law Firm | Since 1989
To talk with a lawyer call (770) 901-2666

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Aggressive Advocacy For ATM Assaults & Robberies

Using an ATM — whether for withdrawing cash or making deposits — has become a routine part of our busy lives. Seldom do we worry about safety when we drive through or walk up to a financial institution’s automated teller machine. Unfortunately, however, ATM assaults have become more commonplace and can result in a victim suffering serious, life-changing injuries and emotional damage.

Protect Your Rights With An Experienced ATM/Night Deposit Assault Victim Attorney

Do not hesitate to speak to an experienced Atlanta ATM assault and robbery attorney if you or a loved one was mugged at an ATM. Our team of lawyers is ready to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Call our Atlanta law office today at 770-901-2666 to schedule a free consultation with a member of our firm. You may also contact us online and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Fighting Back Against The Banking Industry: Making ATMs Safe

The Georgia General Assembly has refused to enact legislation to make ATMs safer, due to strong opposition from the banking industry. Banks, credit unions, savings and loans, financial institutions and ATM operators often don’t wish to bear the cost of retrofitting old ATMs or fitting new machines with safety mechanisms like additional or more enhanced security cameras, emergency phones, panic alarms, etc. Many of these 24-hour money machines and night depositories are in dimly lit or secluded areas.

At Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, we believe every ATM location should be as safe as possible, and banks should not put a price on the safety of their customers. We fight back against banks, credit unions, savings and loans and financial institutions that fail to take the necessary precautions to prevent assaults, robberies and injuries, often failing to adhere to strict federal laws and regulations such as the Bank Protection Act of 1968 and the appropriate Code of Federal Regulations governing their operations. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed during an ATM or bank robbery or as a depositor at a night deposit area, we will aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve.

Experienced Cash Machine Assault And Robbery Representation

Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, handled Georgia’s most infamous ATM robbery: Kimberly Boyd was taken at gunpoint to a local ATM and forced to make a withdrawal at a drive-thru ATM facility. After the kidnapper/robber secured the money, Kimberly was killed.

If you would like to read more about Kimberly Boyd, go to

Fight Back With An ATM Robbery Injury Attorney

If you or a family member has been assaulted, robbed or even killed while using an ATM, our firm is prepared to lend its significant experience to protect your interests. Contact our Atlanta-based law office online today or call 770-901-2666 to schedule your initial consultation.

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