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Atlanta Attorneys For Elder Abuse Victims

There may be nothing more despicable in our world than elder abuse. People who entrust the care of their loved ones to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals understandably believe that they are doing the right thing. It is devastating to find out that the people or institutions they trust are actually harming, neglecting or abusing their family member.

At Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, in Atlanta, we provide thorough, unyielding representation to victims of elder abuse and their families. Our attorneys are strong advocates for those who have been touched by physical, sexual or emotional abuse. We will fight hard to obtain outcomes that fully compensate these victims and their families for what they have had to endure. Our law office is in Atlanta, and we handle these cases throughout Georgia.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can take on many forms and occur in many settings. In most situations, abuse can manifest itself as:

  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Lack of assistance with personal hygiene
  • Failure to provide adequate medical care
  • Negligence that leads to bedsores, infections and other medical conditions
  • Broken bones and cuts due to falls, which are actually the result of being pushed
  • Improper confinement with restraints
  • Emotional abuse from yelling, ridicule, intimidation, humiliation or threats

In some cases, granny cams can capture video evidence of the abuse for use in court.

Get Your Family Members The Protection They Deserve

If you think your loved one is a victim of abuse, contact our lawyers for a free initial consultation. Call 770-901-2666 or complete our contact form to schedule a time to talk with an attorney. Our office is MARTA-accessible.