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October 2012 Archives

Georgia university student captures burglar in apartment

A University of Georgia student captured a burglar in his apartment complex, leading to potential questions of inadequate security. A similar burglary occurred a few months ago in a parking lot near the apartment complex.The student was in the shower when he heard noises coming from another part of the apartment. As he approached the living quarters, he saw one burglar escape with his backpack and phone, while the other ascended the stairs. The student nabbed the second burglar, whom he held in place until police arrived at the apartment building.

Man's shooting outside club caught on security camera footage

An Atlanta, Georgia, shooting may have been mitigated if inadequate security was not a factor. A 24-year-old man was recently shot to death in Atlanta outside a nightclub. The club property owner said that an argument had erupted between patrons of the club and continued outside the club in the parking lot. The injured victim died in another business's parking lot. Witnesses described and video footage showed two groups of people that were arguing in the club. According to the evidence, police say that the argument started because of a comment that was made to a woman in one of the groups. The two groups both exited the club and the argument escalated. A second altercation broke out that resulted in the victim's shooting.

Wrongful death suit filed against rehab center

A wrongful death suit has been filed against a Georgia drug treatment center. The family of the victim has filed the wrongful death suit after he died from a fatal accident of overdosing on drugs and alcohol while under the care of the treatment center. The man who died arrived at the center after a judge ordered him into residential treatment. He had been convicted of possession of cocaine and was given the alternative to enter the treatment center instead of going to jail. His family claims that it paid more than $30,000 for his treatment at a center that it believed was a supervised, residential facility. Family members said they only had 72 hours to choose a treatment center and chose the one they did based on the information available to them at the time.

Negligent maintenance possible at Georgia apartment complex

An apartment complex in Georgia is under scrutiny for negligent maintenance. Several tenants have alleged that building managers fail to maintain a sanitary environment because of a considerable amount of mold in several apartments. Some tenants say that the mold has been present for months while others report having mold in their homes for years. According to the tenants, they have made several reports to the property management reporting the presence of mold in several units. The tenants claim that the manager has not responded to their complaints or done anything to rectify the problem. There is visible mold on vents, windows and flooring. There may be as many as 11 units that have mold. Tenants also complain that the property manager has workers paint over the mold, rather than having it professionally removed.

Mixing guns and booze: potential for premises liability claim

A gun club that is being built in the Atlanta, Georgia, area may be ripe for premises liability claims after a recent development. The city council narrowly approved a request by the Governor's Gun Club for a liquor license by a vote of 3-2. According to the request, alcohol would only be served in a secure lounge during specific hours and would be accessible only to members. The members' children would be permitted to enter the lounge area but would not be permitted to drink. Guns would not be allowed inside the lounge and members would not be able to return to the shooting range after imbibing. However, customers would still be able to exit the building while in possession of their weapons if they preferred.

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