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Negligent maintenance possible at Georgia apartment complex

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2012 | Negligent Maintenance

An apartment complex in Georgia is under scrutiny for negligent maintenance. Several tenants have alleged that building managers fail to maintain a sanitary environment because of a considerable amount of mold in several apartments. Some tenants say that the mold has been present for months while others report having mold in their homes for years.

According to the tenants, they have made several reports to the property management reporting the presence of mold in several units. The tenants claim that the manager has not responded to their complaints or done anything to rectify the problem. There is visible mold on vents, windows and flooring. There may be as many as 11 units that have mold. Tenants also complain that the property manager has workers paint over the mold, rather than having it professionally removed.

Some of the tenants have reported medical problems that they believe the mold caused. Some children have gotten ill in the complex. Some of the tenants have medical reports that suggest that the medical conditions that developed were due to mold exposure.

The complex consists of 100 individual units. The rent is federally subsidized, but the company that owns the complex is a private California company. Government officials reported that they are currently conducting an investigation into the matter.

While no lawsuits have been filed at this time, there may be a basis for a premises liability claim due to the complex’s possible failure to maintain of a sanitary environment for tenants. When an apartment building, shopping center or retail store results in a customer injury or tenant injury, the injured victims can make legal claims to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Premises liability attorneys can help investigate the situation that led to the victim’s injury.

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