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Man’s shooting outside club caught on security camera footage

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2012 | Inadequate Security

An Atlanta, Georgia, shooting may have been mitigated if inadequate security was not a factor. A 24-year-old man was recently shot to death in Atlanta outside a nightclub. The club property owner said that an argument had erupted between patrons of the club and continued outside the club in the parking lot. The injured victim died in another business’s parking lot.

Witnesses described and video footage showed two groups of people that were arguing in the club. According to the evidence, police say that the argument started because of a comment that was made to a woman in one of the groups. The two groups both exited the club and the argument escalated. A second altercation broke out that resulted in the victim’s shooting.

The video footage also showed one group running away after the second altercation occurred with the other group. Police released the video on YouTube so that viewers could try to attempt to identify the suspected perpetrators who are currently at large.

Although this matter is currently only being considered for a criminal matter, it does raise questions about premises liability. For example, some would argue that nightclub parking lots should have more security. Violence in nightclubs is not uncommon, and a potential plaintiff who sustains a personal injury in a parking lot could make a claim for premises liability based on inadequate security.

Premises liability claims are often concerned with the level of knowledge that a landlord or property owner has and whether ordinary care of the property has been executed. A premises liability attorney can help investigate a claim to determine if the property owner had knowledge that could have helped to foresee that an injury was likely to occur on the property.

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