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Georgia university student captures burglar in apartment

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2012 | Inadequate Security

A University of Georgia student captured a burglar in his apartment complex, leading to potential questions of inadequate security. A similar burglary occurred a few months ago in a parking lot near the apartment complex.

The student was in the shower when he heard noises coming from another part of the apartment. As he approached the living quarters, he saw one burglar escape with his backpack and phone, while the other ascended the stairs. The student nabbed the second burglar, whom he held in place until police arrived at the apartment building.

Police searched a nearby area and found the student’s backpack, but some of the student’s belongings were missing. The apprehended burglar was taken into police custody and remains incarcerated without bail. The other burglar has not yet been apprehended. The police have a lead on the other burglar based on a call that the apprehended man made while he was in the back of a police car that was being recorded. A similar incident occurred in the neighborhood about four months ago, in which another man was caught in the act of robbing and assaulting woman in the same complex’s parking lot.

When an owner of a shopping center, apartment building, gas station or other business center knows that there are unsafe premises under his care and control, an individual who is injured or was the victim of a preventable crime while on the premises may be able to seek damages against the landowner. For example, if the landlord in this case was aware that a burglary was possible because a similar event transpired just a few months before, the tenant could hire an attorney in order to argue that the theft happened because of inadequate security.

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