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3 people injured after 15-foot fall from Ferris wheel

Georgia amusement park and carnival patrons depend on safety inspections to ensure that rides undergo proper maintenance. An accident at a festival on the West Coast highlights the dangers of malfunctioning rides. According to the police report, something fell off a Ferris wheel that made a grinding noise when a basket flipped and ejected three people.

Attempted murder-suicide leaves woman dead

A Georgia man accused of killing his wife with a gun before turning the weapon on himself was reportedly charged with murder and other associated offenses on May 9. Authorities said the incident occurred at about 5:40 a.m. at the man's home on Bridge Walk Drive in Lawrenceville the previous day.

Who is responsible when you slip in a hotel shower?

You may not think of taking a shower as a hazardous activity. Still, injuries from falls in the bathroom, particularly when getting in and out of a shower or tub, are common occurrences. The materials people choose to make their bathrooms sleek and luxurious are also materials that become slick when wet.

Partial settlement reached in balcony collapse lawsuits

Some Georgia residents may have read about a balcony collapse in California in June 2015 that resulted in the deaths of six students and injured seven others The injured students and the families of those who were killed reached a settlement with seven of the companies sued in connection with the collapse.

Assaulted in an apartment, fight for compensation

If you are at home in your apartment or visiting a friend or family member, and you are the victim of assault, who is liable for your losses? In Georgia and elsewhere, landlords have a certain responsibility when it comes to keeping tenants and others who enter their property safe. If a landlord fails in his or her responsibility, and someone assaults a tenant or visitor in an apartment under his or her watch, he or she may be legally responsible for any losses experienced by the victim.

The takeaway from Home Depot murder case

Georgia residents may have heard about the 2012 murder of a pregnant Home Depot employee. While the company said that it shouldn't be liable in a civil lawsuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled against a request to reconsider its prior ruling against the company. This means that it will be remanded to a lower court. The appellate court found that Home Depot was vicariously liable because it failed to discipline an employee who had a record of harassment against female employees.

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