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Assaulted in an apartment, fight for compensation

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Premises Liability

If you are at home in your apartment or visiting a friend or family member, and you are the victim of assault, who is liable for your losses? In Georgia and elsewhere, landlords have a certain responsibility when it comes to keeping tenants and others who enter their property safe. If a landlord fails in his or her responsibility, and someone assaults a tenant or visitor in an apartment under his or her watch, he or she may be legally responsible for any losses experienced by the victim.

What is the role of a landlord when it comes to protecting tenants and visitors? If you are a victim of assault in an apartment, what can you do to seek compensation for any damages you have sustained?

Landlord responsibility

The job of a landlord is more than just collecting rent. He or she must properly maintain a property and assure that it is safe for its tenants. This includes:

  • Ensuring apartments have working locks on doors and windows
  • Installing adequate light sources in parking lots, near elevators, in hallways and stairways
  • Keeping grounds maintained to limit places for criminals to hide

A landlord must also warn tenants of criminal activity in the area and take adequate security measures, such as installing cameras throughout a complex, if it is really necessary for tenant safety.

Determining liability

If you are in your apartment or the apartment of a friend or family member and you have taken all the necessary precautions to protect yourself but are still the victim of assault, who is responsible for your losses? You, your friend, your family member or the landlord? A landlord, in an effort to protect him or herself, may try to blame you for not doing everything in your power to prevent the incident from happening. This is sad but true.

In order to determine liability, there must be a thorough review of all the details of your case, both big and small. After a full investigation, your legal counsel will be able to advise you on your ability to file civil claims and against whom.

Get help seeking damages

If it is determined that landlord negligence contributed to your assault in an apartment, you may file a premises liability claim. If an experienced attorney successfully litigates your claim, you may achieve monetary damages for any and all losses you experienced that are legally recoverable.


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