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Month: July 2016

Month: July 2016

Parking lot owner or manager liability

Each year, many Georgia residents are injured in accidents or assaults in parking lots. Business owners whose properties include parking lots or facilities have a duty of care to ensure they are reasonably safe. If you were injured in an accident or assault in a...

When hotels are legally liable for injuries

The summer and holidays make hotels and motels hotspots for travelers. Whether someone is from out of town or is a local guest at its restaurant, a hotel is liable for injuries its guests incur on its property as a result of negligence. Georgia travelers could arm...

When are hotels responsible for injuries?

If a person is injured while staying in a hotel, you might think the property manager or owner would pay for that person's medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Unfortunately, the hotel and its insurance company may think otherwise.Under Georgia law, hotels and...

Renters may sue property owners for negligence

In some cases, Georgia residents who are injured while at their own rented homes may be able to sue their landlords. The owner of a property has a legal duty to make sure that their property is kept up in a safe condition. Owners and managers are also responsible for...

Liability issues in slip and fall accidents

Georgia residents who have been injured in a slip and fall accident outside their homes might be interested in learning about when a property owner could be held liable for such injuries. Depending on certain circumstances, a property owner may be fully liable for a...

Shopping-related accidents

Shopping is a popular activity in Georgia and across the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that thousands of shopping-related personal injury claims are filed yearly in the United States. A shopping injury is a personal injury that a customer incurs while...


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