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Slip and fall hazards that property owners should attend to

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Property owners in Georgia bear maintenance responsibilities in order to reduce the chances of slip and fall accidents. Someone in possession of a property although not technically the owner could be liable for injuries, depending on the circumstances. Slips and falls result from walking on a slippery surface or tripping over an object, hole or ridge.

To prevent these types of accidents, a property owner should make regular efforts to keep walking surfaces safe. Snow and ice present a seasonal risk. Although Georgia does not get a lot of freezing weather, when it comes, the hazards could easily catch people by surprise. Hazards that might create injury liability include ice that freezes on the ground after dripping from a roof with a clogged gutter or ice that accumulates in patches on an uneven parking lot or walkway.

Poor lighting also creates the potential for people to miss a step or catch a foot in a hole. The owner should install proper lighting around a property and make sure the bulbs are working. In addition to lighting, the failure to patch holes and cracks in a parking lot could leave an owner responsible for an injury. The maintenance responsible for sidewalks falls either to a local government or a private property owner depending on the sidewalk’s location.

A person who slips or trips and suffers injuries might file a lawsuit if dangerous property conditions caused the accident. Working with an attorney might benefit the person in a number of ways, especially if injuries make activities difficult. An attorney could gather evidence that illustrates the poor lighting or insufficient maintenance that created the hazard. The financial consequences of the injury could also be documented by the attorney. A settlement might be pursued with negotiations or a court trial.


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