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Being injured at a business may make you eligible for damages

| Jul 21, 2016 | Premises Liability

Georgia clubs, bars and restaurants are known for the exciting flavor they add to people’s daily routines, but they are not without risks. When someone gets into a fight or attacks one of these places of business, the injuries you sustain as a result might lead to permanent changes that reduce your quality of life. Although you’ll naturally want to seek restitution from the responsible parties, you may also be entitled to damages from the owners of the venue.

You can’t always protect yourself from getting assaulted in a place like a crowded nightclub, but that doesn’t mean the club’s management shouldn’t have tried to prevent violence. Businesses that fail to implement proper safety and security controls may face criminal charges. They could also be sued in civil courts for costs associated with medical expenses, the wages you lost while you were recovering, the wrongful death of your relative or loved one and emotional or mental anguish.

Some victims seek restitution from businesses even when their injuries didn’t occur onsite. For instance, if you’re hit by a drunk driver who shouldn’t have been served so much alcohol, the bar that did the serving played a role in the outcome. When you can prove that businesses acted in a negligent fashion that contributed to your harm, courts have been known to hold them responsible.

There are no guarantees when you interact with others in public spaces and business venues. Nonetheless, you’re entitled to a reasonable expectation of safety, and when these expectations aren’t met, it’s important to pursue corrective action. Going to court may make it possible to offset the many expensive consequences of physical injury. To learn more about the services we offer, you are invited to visit our bar injury page.


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