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Target sued by couple after slip and fall

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Premises Liability

Georgia residents who believe they have good grounds for a premises liability claim should hear about one case that has made news in New Hampshire. In December 2019, a couple filed a lawsuit against Target Corporation after the wife slipped and fell in one of its stores. She was walking down one of the aisles when she slipped on some cooking oil that had apparently seeped out of a spray can on the shelf.

Store personnel noted at the time of the incident that the cooking oil had dried and consequently made the floor slippery. They subsequently helped the victim file an incident report and called an ambulance for her. The woman suffered a shoulder fracture and had to undergo surgery.

The lawsuit states that she suffered severe pain, discomfort and periods of partial or complete disability. The couple is suing for some $120,000 in medical expenses and lost wages as well as for loss of consortium.

Target allegedly failed in its duty of care to customers by not inspecting the spray cans, ensuring that they were properly stacked or inspecting the floors for spills and other safety hazards. As for when the oil was spilled, there is no surveillance footage to answer this question, according to Target.

Proving that slip-and-fall incidents like this were preventable accidents can be difficult. It requires proof that the property owner failed in the duty of care and proof that victims themselves were not being negligent. This is where legal representation may be of benefit. A victim could leave the gathering of evidence to the lawyer and their network of investigators. Legal counsel may also handle negotiations for a fair settlement. If one cannot be achieved, litigation might be necessary.


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