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How property owners can prepare for potential liabilities

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2019 | Premises Liability

When property or business owners do not take reasonable care of the premises, they could be found guilty of negligence. In 2017, more than 50,000 cases involving personal injury were filed. Property and business owners in Georgia may be interested in learning how they can prepare for a potential liability.

The first step is shopping for the right insurance. Property owners will want something that adequately covers the correct asset class. A good environmental assessment would be helpful since it will consider general risk factors. A superior assessment would help to target the right asset class. The insurance company that a person chooses should have a fair reputation for payouts and be well-known.

Hiring onsite security may be beneficial. Outsourcing security by a dependable third-party is usually more beneficial than recruiting individuals who would join the staff. One of the reasons why this is beneficial is because the security company is going to have its own general liability insurance. It also will provide superior optics for the premises. Additionally, the business owner can focus on the services and products provided by the business as opposed to securing the premises.

Finding an attorney who specializes in the right asset class is also important. For example, attorneys who are used to representing high-end resorts, which would be class A properties, may not be exposed to the same issues as an attorney who works in lower-income districts, which is class C. Recommendations from qualified sources usually provide the best results not only for attorneys but a wide variety of other professionals.

Thousands of property owners are held liable for personal injuries each year. Some are preventable accidents, and others are not. A property owner may wish to speak with an attorney for information about premises liability and personal injury. An attorney may represent a client in court if it is necessary.


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