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Are baseball stadiums slip-and-fall hazards?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2012 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Spring is officially here in Atlanta, and for many it’s simply not spring without baseball. Many baseball fans make it a point to plan to see one or several major league games this time of year. Most people do not know though that sports stadiums are often the site of slip-and-fall accidents.

Recently, a man sued the Houston Astros after he fell at a game in 2010 and was very injured. According to the man’s lawsuit, he claims that he fell on a wet ramp while he was on the way to his seat. After he fell, a security guard reportedly came to help him and apologized on behalf of staff that had not put up a sign warning that the ramp was wet.

The man is arguing that the Astros ball club’s negligence led to his fall and he is seeking damages and court costs. News reports do not indicate the extent of the man’s injuries or exactly what he has requested in damages.

The results of this lawsuit remain to be seen. People do of course need to watch where they are going when they are in busy and dynamic sports facilities. However, property owners are responsible to ensure those invited onto the property may use it safely without fear of injury.

It was not clear in the news report why the stadium ramp was wet–but it is generally commonplace for staff members at such properties to use a sign to indicate when a floor is wet because it has just been mopped. When a floor is wet due to some sort of spill, such a sign is also usually put up to warn people of the risk.

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