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Negligent security contributes to violent attacks on properties

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Inadequate Security

As communities, businesses and entertainment districts gradually open after more than a year of COVID-19, you and your friends looked forward to an evening and night out. A trip downtown, a jaunt to a restaurant and a visit to a nightclub all played into a pleasant time.

However, that pleasant time was abruptly shattered as you exited from a parking ramp elevator on your way to your car. You and your friends are accosted by an assailant, who violently attacks you, steals your wallet and cellphone, leaving you with broken ribs and a concussion. Property owners must provide a safe and secure environment for anyone who ventures on their properties. This is a clear-cut case of negligent security.

Ineffective lighting, lack of security staff

A violent attack usually leads to serious injuries, extreme emotional trauma and months of recovery along with therapy. In many premises liability cases stemming from negligent security, such attacks are avoidable as long as property owners promote and invest in safety matters at their facilities.

The public wants well-lit stairwells, parking lots and building common areas. They also want to know that a properly trained security staff is in place, watching their every move from cameras posted in high-traffic areas. Here are some reasons why such attacks occur:

  • Poor lighting or no lighting at all: Assailants can hide in darkness and abruptly attack people walking through parking lots, parking ramps, stairwells and hallways.
  • Non-working security cameras or no cameras at all: Security staff relies on such cameras to monitor facilities in looking out for the public. If property owners do not invest in reliable cameras or do not even bother to install them, they are terribly negligent.
  • Shortage of security staff or poorly trained staff: Investing in security staff is crucial. Their presence serves as a deterrent to criminals. In addition, trained and experienced staff is essential.
  • Ineffective locks on windows and doors: Sometimes, assailants can easily pick these locks to buildings and hotel rooms.

The inactions of a negligent property owner can lead to violent attacks at any of their properties. They are responsible for the safety of people who should not have to look over their shoulders.


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