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Street racing legislation named in honor of metro Atlanta mom killed in crash

Street racing legislation named in honor of metro Atlanta mom killed in crash

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Wrongful Death

It isn’t difficult to understand the popularity of street racing. “Laying drag” is often a way of settling bets and disputes. Drivers also get to show off the cars into which they’ve invested considerable time and money. And there’s a kind of excitement surrounding illicit street racing because police can show up at any time and give chase – and it’s always possible that there will be a crash, too.

Violent tragedy

The “fun and excitement” of street racing turned to tragedy for Jaye Mia Sanford when a drag racer slammed head-on into her vehicle just a few blocks from her DeKalb County home. The mother of two was killed in the violent motor vehicle crash,

According to a news report, Sanford would have turned 53 a few days ago if her life had not been so carelessly cut short in the wreck late last year.

The report also says a Georgia state senator has introduced a bill named for Sanford that would crack down on illegal street racing, a reckless activity becoming increasingly popular in metro Atlanta.

Eyewitness account

According to a police report, Sanford was driving home when a speeding Dodge Challenger crossed into her lane. The silver muscle car was racing an unidentified white car, a witness told police.

Although Sanford’s family believes the violent wreck was the result of a deadly street race, police say they “have no evidence of drag racing,” adding that the driver believed to have caused the crash is still in custody and that the crash is still being actively investigated.

State Sen. Emmanuel Jones says his bill would make it a crime to promote, advertise or even attend a street race. His SB10 legislation would classify street racing as a “high and aggravated misdemeanor” and empower law enforcement to impound vehicles until legal issues are resolved.

Lost lives

“Lives are being lost unnecessarily and as a legislative body we have to come to terms, we have to get a grip on this and we have to give law enforcement the tools to enforce it,” Jones said.

Sanford’s mother-in-law said her family supports the bill. “We’ve lost too many lives and we have endured too many injuries from people that are just carelessly driving and not looking out for the interest of others.”

The news report did not contain information about Sanford’s husband and children filing a wrongful death lawsuit.


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