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Disturbing trend of abuse and neglect in Georgia nursing homes

| Jan 18, 2021 | Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is never easy, especially these days when many facilities are limiting visits. However, nursing home employees still must do their jobs. Unfortunately, disturbing stories are starting to emerge about nursing home abuse and neglect in Georgia care facilities.

What is behind these cases of abuse and neglect?

Many recent cases of nursing home abuse and neglect boil down to underqualified or overburdened staff. Without visitors coming to check on their loved one’s welfare, many nursing homes in the state saw a breakdown in care, sometimes to the point of violating the law, that did not get reported. This caused some nursing home resident to suffer serious injuries or even fatalities.

Disturbing examples

In one case in a nursing home in LaFayette, an aide sexually abused a resident. The resident reported the abuse to another worker at the facility. However, the aide continued to work at the nursing home until the resident was able to report the abuse to a relative who contacted the police.

In another case, a resident was walking down the hallway carrying a shower curtain rod, unnoticed by overnight staff. The confused resident went into another resident’s road and beat that resident to death with the rod.

In a third case, relatives were told their loved one, who suffered from dementia, was doing well in the nursing home where he resided. However, during a visit 50 days later his loved ones found him covered in bedsores and bruises. The resident ultimately passed away due to the neglect.

Holding nursing homes accountable

Oftentimes these acts of abuse and neglect boil down to lower training standards and understaffing. However, this is no excuse for nursing home abuse and neglect. Those in Atlanta who have a loved one in a nursing home and are concerned about nursing home abuse and neglect may want to review our website for more information.



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