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Nightclub bankruptcy follows wrongful death lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Wrongful Death

When people go out on the town in Georgia, they expect venues to maintain security for patrons. This trust fell apart at an out-of-state nightclub called the Cameo when a shooting killed two people and injured another 15. The family of one of the deceased victims has claimed that the nightclub owner provided insufficient security and should pay damages. Their wrongful death lawsuit, however, might have nothing to make a claim upon because the business owner filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2017.

Documents on file with the bankruptcy court indicate that the Cincinnati nightclub owner has less than $50,000 in assets. He owes creditors close to $500,000. Telephone numbers on record for the owner and the nightclub are no longer in service. The family accusing him of wrongful death wanted to recover $25,000, but the family’s attorney said that the bankruptcy filing has prompted the family to reconsider the situation.

The family blames their loss on nightclub security personnel who allegedly let people inside without a security screening. The man accused of being the shooter has pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

The outcome of a criminal case does not necessarily impact a civil wrongful death lawsuitclaim made by a surviving family member because premises liability might impose liability on a separate party. An attorney could provide specific advice to a surviving family member who wants to pursue damages against a responsible party. Legal counsel might employ a private investigator to gather evidence that supplements a police report. This information might contribute to a lawsuit that seeks compensation for the losses that have been sustained.


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