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Young adults have slip-and-fall accidents more often

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2017 | Slip & Fall Accidents

While people in Georgia may be aware of the risks that are posed to seniors who slip, trip or fall, they might not be aware that younger people are likelier to have these types of accidents. A recent study revealed that more than half of college-age people fall while an estimated 33 percent of older adults do.

According to researchers from Purdue University, younger people are likelier to slip, trip or fall than are older adults. The researchers collected data from 94 college students who were asked to report any slips, trips or fall that they experienced on a daily survey. Fifty-two percent of the students fell at least one time during the four-month study period.

There was a response rate of 93 percent of the 94 students who were a part of the study. Of those who fell, 16 percent were injured. Thirty-three percent of the falls occurred indoors. Nine percent of the falls happened when the students had been using substances. The researchers said that they believe that older adults experience fewer falls than younger adults because they are more aware of the risks of serious injuries that they face if they fall, making them more careful.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in serious injuries, and some falls may also result in deaths. Property owners have duties of care to visitors to their premises to keep them free of dangerous conditions. When property owners fail to correct hazards or to warn others about them, they may be liable to pay damages if people slip, trip or fall and are injured as a result of the danger. Those who have been injured in this way might benefit by consulting with experienced personal injury attorneys who accept premises liability cases. An attorney might help an injured plaintiff to recover damages from the property owner.


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