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Special event security

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Inadequate Security

Businesses and individuals in Georgia that organize or promote special events have multiple concerns. Depending on the nature of the event, organizers and planners have to find quality venues, coordinate food and beverages, attract entertainment and handle the logistics of managing a crowd. One area of logistics that is often ignored or downplayed is that of security.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of natural disasters, accidents or hostilities during an event. However, the reality is that such incidents can occur, and people have been robbed, assaulted or even killed at what should have been a fun gathering.

Adequate event security can help minimize these risks. In situations where a hazardous incident does occur, security personnel can keep the situation under control, protecting attendees and reducing organizer liability.

Security concerns and strategies vary according to the type of event being organized as well as its size, target demographics and location. Inexperienced event organizers and planners may wish to consult with an experienced event security consultant about proper staffing.

Event planners often have to balance concerns about security issues with optics. For example, many people feel uncomfortable around uniformed private security or law enforcement officers. At the same time, uniformed security staff can also be helpful in defining the perimeters of the event and preventing outsiders from gate crashing. Using a combination of event staff members to monitor the function from within while relying on outside professionals to guard the perimeter may be a good compromise.

Business owners who are considering promoting a significant event may benefit from speaking with an experienced premises liability attorney. The lawyer may be able to review the client’s plans and make recommendations regarding liability insurance coverage, logistical issues and event contracts. In case an accident or injury does occur, the attorney may also be able to provide legal representation in negotiations.


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