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Sprinkler policy in spotlight after apartment fire

Georgia residents may not think much about whether or not their apartment building has a sprinkler system. However, after a July 2017 fire at an apartment building in Honolulu, residents there are demanding that they be installed. The fire left three people dead and caused significant damage to the building, which was built before sprinkler systems were required. It is believed that 300 high-rises in Oahu still do not have sprinkler systems despite efforts to change that.

Appeals court upholds parking garage death verdict

On July 13, it was reported that the Wisconsin Court of Appeals upheld the $39 million jury verdict against a builder who was held liable in the death of a 15-year-old boy. The jury's verdict included compensatory and punitive damages that would be paid to the boy's family, others who had been injured in the accident and the county.

When a property owner may not be held liable

In general, a visitor who is injured while on another person's property may be eligible to seek compensation for any damages associated with the accident. This is because Georgia property owners have a duty to protect visitors and others from harm that could be caused by dangerous conditions. However, there are some exceptions to this that could prevent an injured person from seeking compensation.

Banking on safety at the ATM

"I'll just stop by the ATM for some cash." You probably say those words frequently in a typical week. In fact, if you examine your monthly bank statement, you may be surprised at how often you make a trip to the automated teller machine. ATMs are one of the most convenient and welcome inventions of the modern world, keeping your money safe and accessible at the same time.

The risks of trampolines

Trampolines can be a source of enjoyment for children. However, Georgia parents should know that these fun devices can cause injuries serious enough to warrant a visit to an emergency room. According to a study from Indiana University, between the years of 2002 and 2011, approximately 288,876 fractures were caused by the use of trampolines. Over $1 billion worth of emergency room visits resulted from trampoline injuries.

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