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Assaults at ATMs and night deposit boxes

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Inadequate Security

It is unfortunately common for robberies and violent crimes to take place at night deposit boxes and ATMs in Georgia. While banks know that crimes tend to happen around these facilities, some fail to do anything to improve the safety of their customers who use them. People may then be seriously injured or even killed while they are visiting them.

If you have been assaulted and injured at a night deposit box or ATM, you may have the legal grounds that are necessary for filing a personal injury lawsuit against the bank that owns the ATM or night deposit box. Property owners owe duties of care to people who are on their premises for legal reasons. When they breach their duties by failing to implement reasonable safety measures, they may be held to be liable to pay damages.

If you choose to file a lawsuit against the bank or other financial institution, you may need to get help from expert witnesses. You may also have to fight against lawyers who are hired by the financial institution to fight your case.

At our firm, we understand what it takes to help our clients prove their cases against banks for negligent security problems around ATMs and night deposit boxes. We work closely with our clients to help them try to recover damages in amounts that fairly compensate them for their losses. In many cases, our attorneys are able to resolve our clients’ matters through skilled negotiation. Some cases will not settle, however. For those, our attorneys are unafraid to take our clients’ matters to trial if doing so is necessary. If you have been robbed and assaulted at an ATM or night deposit box, you may want to read our page on the topic.


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