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Attorney cites inadequate security as factor in Georgia rape case

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Inadequate Security

According to the attorney for a Savannah, Georgia rape victim, inadequate security was a factor in the assailant’s ability to isolate and attack his victim. The rape occurred earlier this month on the grounds of Candler Hospital in Savannah. The assailant allegedly accosted the victim in the parking lot after she exited the building, leaving her with injuries requiring hospitalization.

The attorney for the victim and her husband claims the hospital’s security measures were negligent during the time leading up to the assault. He further claims hospital administration lacks awareness about crimes in the area, referring to a similar assault on two women on the campus of Savannah State University just two months prior. The attorney stated the sexual assault at Savannah State should have been a wake up call for local businesses and organizations to strengthen security measures.

To support his claims of inadequate security, the attorney pointed out that the facility did not have sufficient safety personnel and the security cameras on site were not monitored properly at the time of the attack. The victim’s husband has made statements alleging the assailant trolled the parking lot and approached other potential victims who managed to escape. He further claimed that evidence of the assailant’s predatory behavior was confirmed on video. Several days after the assault, the victim’s attorney filed a lawsuit against the hospital where the attack took place.

Facilities like hospitals and schools have a responsibility to keep the grounds safe. Shirking this responsibility exposes the public to an unreasonable risk of harm while also potentially expanding the hunting grounds for criminals who might prey on the helpless. Whenever negligent security or unsafe premises play a part in a crime that causes personal injury, legal representation through a reputable law firm can improve the victim’s chance of receiving compensation for pain, suffering and other damages.

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