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Inflatable slide collapses at Georgia school, injures students

| Oct 25, 2013 | Premises Liability

Authorities in Troup County are continuing to investigate what may have caused an inflatable slide to collapse and injure 19 students in an accident on Oct. 18. Officials from Rosemont Elementary School said that the students were fifth graders taking part in an Accelerated Reader Celebration in the school’s gym when the slide collapsed with several students on it.

Overall, 19 of the students suffered injuries. Two were air lifted to Children’s at Egleston Pediatric Hospital. Five others were transported by ambulance to West Georgia Medical Center. All of those students have been released from the hospital. Reports say that many of the injuries were minor.

One of the fifth graders in the gym when the slide collapsed said that the students who were air lifted had complained of back and leg pain. That child and another student said that they believed that the slide started wobbling and collapsed because too many children were on it at once. Officials from the school and the Troup County Sheriff’s Office still trying to determine what caused the accident.

The parents of the students who were injured in the accident may be faced with expensive ambulance bills even though the majority of the injuries were minor. Those parents may be wish to pursue a premises liability claim against the school or another party. However, determining exactly what such as case may be worth can be complicated. An attorney may be able to these parents understand how a premises liability works and recover a fair amount of compensation for any damages done to their children.

Source: WSB, “19 students sent to hospital after inflatable slide collapses”, October 18, 2013


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