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Inner-city building collapse claims the lives of 6

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Georgia residents may have heard that a recent building collapse has caused the deaths of six individuals in Philadelphia. One man and five women were reportedly killed after the building collapsed next to a thrift store on June 5. The building was being demolished by a construction crew. The project was properly permitted by officials, but questions have arisen as to how closely the project was being monitored.

Eyewitness accounts state that loud rumblings could be heard right before the collapse. Other accounts point to the fact that the building appeared as though it was bound to collapse. Nearby workers stated that they thought the building would collapse because of the demolition methods employed by the demolition crew. Construction experts have also questioned the methods used by the demolition crew. The building’s owners employed a local construction group to perform the demolition.

The families of the victims of this tragic accident may have viable wrongful death claims against the demolition crew and the owners of the collapsed building. There are many questions pertaining to the methods used by the demolition crew in demolishing the building. One such concern is how no precautions were apparently taken to prevent the building’s debris from falling on nearby pedestrians. The demolition crew was engaged in a very hazardous activity and were under a duty to perform the demolition in as safe a manner as possible.

Wrongful death claims involving construction can sometimes be difficult cases to litigate. Often, expert testimony addressing questions like those raised by authorities in the Philadelphia case may be pivotal for pinpointing liability. An experienced attorney may be instrumental in obtaining the services of credible experts who can testify as to the negligence of certain parties in complex cases like this.

Source: CBS News, “Mayor: 6 dead in Philly building collapse”, Jacqueline Larma, June 05, 2013


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