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Athens property break-ins during winter break

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2013 | Premises Liability

Students from the University of Georgia reported 29 break-ins during the winter break, making their off-campus housing locations seem like
dangerous properties possibly due to lack of security. The Athens-Clarke County Police Department released several media releases that informed the public about the breaking and entering incidents.

According to police, the burglaries began on December 6, 2012 and lasted until January 7, 2012. This period of time coincides with the university’s winter break in which many of the students are not on campus. Police have estimated that the total value of property that was stolen exceeds $35,000. However, this figure may not be entirely accurate because six of the cases did not include an estimate of the value of the property that was stolen. Some of the robberies occurred when burglars entered unlocked windows while other properties were tampered with.

Eight of the cases occurred in Riverbend Parkway area apartments, and another four occurred on Crescendo Drive residences. Several incidents occurred in The U | Athens. The remaining cases occurred throughout Athens. Four of the cases resulted in units being ransacked with no property that was reported stolen. Among the stolen items from the other break-ins were handguns, video game systems, laptops, computers, video games, a taser, cash and televisions. Additionally, someone reported that a car was missing from their residence.

When a company, governmental entity or person fails to maintain a safe environment for the public due to negligent maintenance or inadequate security, the property owner may face liability in civil court from individuals who sustained damages. A victim may file a legal claim against the property owner. A premises liability attorney may be retained in order to prove any previous knowledge that the property owner had of faulty conditions of the property, such as knowing that a property was dangerous and failing to take necessary precautions to safeguard other individuals.

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