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Georgia Dome officials deny liability in man’s falling death

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2012 | Premises Liability

A man died this week after he fell 45 feet from an upper deck of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, leaving his family with a potential claim for premises liability. The accident occurred during a football game between the University of Tennessee and North Carolina State University. It was only one day after another football fan died in a fall at a stadium in Houston, Texas.

The accident victim was 20 years old. Witnesses stated that they saw the man drinking at the stadium before he fell over a railing. After he fell, Georgia Dome emergency medical technicians were called to the scene. The victim struck another fan when he fell, causing the second man to sustain facial lacerations.

Georgia Dome officials deny that the stadium is a dangerous property. Officials have stated that the railing is in compliance with international building codes and do not feel that dangerous conditions led to the incident. Instead, they feel that the man’s death was an accident and not because the stadium was somehow unsafe. Stadium officials also refute statements that the man was drinking at the game. They say no stadium vendors sold him liquor, noting that the victim was under the legal drinking age anyway.

Premises liability claims in Georgia often question the maintenance of an area and the property owner’s knowledge of any hazardous conditions on the property. If someone is hurt in an apartment complex, shopping center, grocery store, stadium or other location owned by another person or entity, the customer can seek compensation if he sustains a personal injury because of negligent maintenance of the property. A premises liability lawyer can help to determine what an appropriate claim would be if a family chooses to pursue legal action.

Source: WSB-TV, “Investigation pending in Georgia Dome deadly fall,” Aug. 31, 2012


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