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Man suffers spinal cord injury at outdoor concert festival

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2012 | Premises Liability

An outdoor music festival resulted in tragedy last summer, and a man who was allegedly paralyzed in the incident has now filed a premises liability lawsuit against the festival’s organizers and an event planning company that may have contracted the event’s security.

As we know here in Atlanta, going to an outdoor concert or music festival can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and music all at once. And people certainly do not expect such events to encompass many risks. For this man though, he was for some reason pursued by security guards who tried to physically remove him from the event, which allegedly led to a paralyzing spinal cord injury.

The incident took place at the All Good Music Festival in West Virginia last summer, where the 27-year-old man says security staff purposely dropped him on the ground when carrying him. He has filed a lawsuit against the event’s production company as well as an event staffing company.

The production company has denied any role in the injury and has turned around and sued the three companies it had hired to provide security at the event.

A news report does not indicate what the man has requested in the form of damages. He will likely need significant compensation in order to care for a spinal cord injury.

Premises liability lawsuits often result in compensation for medical and rehabilitative care, lost income and pain and suffering among other things. These legal actions are also a way to hold a negligent party accountable for its actions. While this cannot undo the damage that has been done by such a serious injury, it is a small way to seek justice and receive the compensation needed to mitigate some of the financial effects of such an incident.

Source: The Herald-Dispatch, “All Good organizer denies role in man’s paralysis,” June 15, 2012


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