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Woman awarded $415,000 in slip and fall suit against Costco

| Mar 9, 2012 | Slip & Fall Accidents

Atlanta residents who are injured on another person’s property are often able to hold the owner or manager of that property accountable for their injuries. Of course, individuals are responsible for their own actions to a certain extent, but property owners also have a responsibility to keep their land free of known dangers to the public and their business patrons. These accidents often fall under premises liability law.

Just this week a Costco patron was awarded more than $400,000 as a result of premises liability litigation. The woman filed a slip and fall lawsuit against the popular warehouse retailer after she slipped on a puddle of liquid soap in a store in 2009 and shattered her kneecap. She will reportedly deal with partial loss of mobility as well as pain for the rest of her life due to the accident.

The woman, 58, was having lunch in the food court of a Pomona, California, Costco store when she slipped on the puddle of soap. It appears that there was evidence that many Costco employees were aware of the soap spill–several actually walked right by it and failed to clean it up just minutes before the woman slipped on it.

Costco denied all responsibility and the business did not offer to settle the lawsuit out of court. In court, the jury overwhelming agreed with the plaintiff, agreeing 12-0 that Costco was responsible for the slip and fall incident.

The woman was awarded almost $90,000 for related medical expenses and $325,000 for pain and suffering.

Those who are injured on another person’s property often have the right to pursue legal recourse as this woman has done.

Source: Pasadena Star-News, “Covina woman awarded $415,000 following slip and fall at Industry Costco,” March 7, 2012


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