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Caustic materials served in drinks and food

Georgia residents may be interested to learn that as many as 15,000 individuals accidentally ingest caustic materials, causing serious injuries, every year. Some of these accidents occur at restaurants after caustic materials are found in served drinks or even food. In fact, a patron was awarded $750,000 by an Atlantic County jury after he suffered chemical burns to his stomach and esophagus.

The patron reportedly suffered the burns after he was served a draft beer that had been tainted with a chemical cleaning agent. It appeared that a cleaning company hired by the restaurant to clean the beer lines used a harsh chemical to do the job. However, it reportedly failed to completely clear the lines. Further, it also appeared that the restaurant failed to use test strips to ensure that all holdover chemicals were gone. The patron ended up spending six days in the hospital.

Apartment dwellers deserve a safe, secure home

Your home is your castle, even if it is a 900 square-foot walk-up. You may enjoy the community living apartment life brings, or perhaps it's all you can afford while you save to purchase a house. Either way, you certainly want to feel that your apartment is home, and feeling safe is a major part of that.

However, in some cases, affordable apartment living means the management isn't willing to spend the extra money to ensure that safety. Predators and thieves know this, and they are not above exploiting the vulnerability of a poorly secured apartment building. If the owner or manager of your building is unwilling to provide basic measures of safety and security, he or she may be liable if you become the victim of an assault.

Practice prevention to reduce slip-and-fall hazards

Businesses in Georgia, especially restaurants, can take many preventative steps to reduce or eliminate slippery floors. A slip and fall by an employee or customer could produce costly liability and increase insurance premiums. The founder of the National Floor Safety Institute recommends that a business evaluate all flooring for hazards.

A manager or third-party safety auditor can measure the coefficient of friction, or slip resistance, on all walking surfaces. Readings need to reach a high-traction standard. Footwear matters, too, and employers should require employees to wear shoes with low heels and nonskid soles. According to the NFSI, improper shoes contribute to 24 percent of slips and falls. Employee training should also emphasize that slip hazards and spills should be brought to the attention of management right away and fixed. Employees need to warn customers about spills and guard the wet area until someone can arrive to clean the floor.

Bar and restaurant liability for assaults and DUIs

Georgia bar and restaurant owners owe duties of care to keep their customers safe. They also are responsible to prevent their patrons from drinking excessively at the establishments so that their customers do not cause drunk-driving accidents. If you have been injured in an accident with a drunk driver who was at a bar or restaurant, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the bar or restaurant owner.

Serving too much alcohol to customers can endanger others. Bars and restaurants are supposed to stop serving people who appear to be intoxicated. Unfortunately, some bartenders and servers fail to do this, placing others at risk. People who are injured by the drunk drivers may file lawsuits against the negligent drivers as well as the bars or restaurants that served them excessive amounts of alcohol.

Is your hotel staff trained to keep you safe?

If you travel often for work or pleasure, you may feel comfortable in a hotel environment. In fact, you may have favorite hotels that you visit frequently because of the staff, the amenities or the overall atmosphere. However, your comfort level in a hotel may be just the thing a predator is looking for to take advantage of you.

One thing you may rely on for your safety and security is the training and awareness of the hotel staff. You may even take for granted that policies are in place for dealing with unwelcome strangers, securing doors after dark, and protecting you in the hotel's parking lots or elevators. While such policies may be in place, procedures for your safety are not always enforced. In some cases, the hotel staff may not even know the policies.

Survey highlights the issue of slip and fall accidents

A report from New Pig suggests that employers in Georgia and elsewhere are underestimating slip and fall risks. If a worker is injured in such an accident, a company could face significant medical costs as well as lost productivity. It may also cause short and long-term damage to the organization's brand. New Pig's report uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which found that slip and fall accidents are the most common way that workers get hurt on the job.

According to the 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, there were roughly 200,000 injuries caused by slip and fall accidents in 2015. This lead to roughly $11 billion in costs for employers. The survey found that 46 percent of respondents believed that there were between zero and three same-level fall zones in their facilities. However, there were actually 10 such zones on average.

'Fatal Attraction' to highlight cop murder case

On Aug. 14, the murder of a Georgia police officer was highlighted on a television crime show called "Fatal Attraction". The 34-year-old African American officer was shot and killed in her East Point residence by an estranged partner over the Fourth of July weekend in 2013.

When the authorities arrived at her home, they reportedly found the police officer in her bedroom. Her injuries indicated that she had been shot in the head within the last three days of discovering her body. The woman's boss said that she had not shown up for work and that she had been impersonated in text messages. It was alleged that her 30-year-old ex-partner found out about a new girlfriend after spending the holiday weekend with the officer. She had not only impersonated the officer when talking to the boss but had also sent threatening messages on Facebook to the new girlfriend.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in home invasion case

Property owners in Georgia and around the country are expected to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that their occupants and visitors are safe, and they face the possibility of civil liability when their failure to meet this duty of care results in harm. The families of two doctors who were slain in their luxury Boston apartment in May claim that the tragedy could have been avoided, and they have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the trust that owns the loft building, its management company and the firms retained to provide security for residents.

The two doctors were found dead in their apartment with their wrists bound and their throats slashed, and the ensuing police investigation soon focused on a 30-year-old man who had previously been employed at the luxury building. Investigators discovered that the man had been hired shortly after serving nine months in prison for larceny. The families of the victims also claim that a security guard working at the front desk delayed calling police for 20 minutes after learning that an armed intruder may have entered the building.

My child was injured on someone else's property

Curiosity is normal in young children. They are new to this world and want to know about it and experience it. Most Georgia parents have to remind their children to look with their eyes and not with their hands since kids tend to engage all of their senses when experiencing something for the first time.

That curiosity may be endearing and even encouraged by many parents. However, when your child wanders onto someone else's property and suffers serious injuries, you may wonder whether you have any legal repercussions against the property owner for the financial losses and other damages you and your child suffered.

Is your personal safety at risk in a parking lot?

You probably watch for moving vehicles as you walk through a parking lot. You may even be aware of the people milling about as well. You may assume that they are simply going about their days just as you are, but that may not always be the case.

Those who intend to do you harm will take the opportunity to do so in a variety of locations, including parking lots. Some criminals find parking lots to be the ideal place to strike since most people are too involved in what they are doing to pay attention to their surroundings. They also tend to choose parking lots that provide them cover and anonymity.

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