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When is a tenant liable in a slip and fall accident?

In Georgia, a landlord may not always be liable if a tenant slips, falls and suffers an injury. In some cases, the law will presume that the person who slipped and fell could have taken care to avoid that injury. The law may also find that the property owner was not liable for an accident if due care was taken to prevent slippery conditions from existing.

Unsafe premises causes woman to slip, fall in water

Slip and fall accidents may sound like relatively harmless incidents from which any person could just bounce back. However, that insinuation is incorrect. Slip and fall accidents are quite serious and people can suffer truly life-changing injuries as a result of a poorly-maintained premises.

Slip and fall case against Target settled

A man who allegedly slipped and fell in a Target store in 2010 has settled his claim against the national conglomerate, which has numerous stores in Georgia. The slip and fall claim arose after the man stated that he fell on soda that had been left on the floor in a Target store. According to his claim, the staff at Target failed to properly maintain, regularly inspect and clean the store's aisles. Because of this failure to maintain the premises, the suit alleged, the plaintiff sustained a slip-and-fall injury due to a soda spill. His attorneys stated that he sustained a serious injury to a shoulder that required surgery to treat.

Questionable slip-and-fall injuries are on the rise

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, questionable slip-and-fall claims are on the rise. From 2010 to 2011, the number of potentially fraudulent claims increased by 12 percent, the NCIB reports. In 2010, slip-and-fall victims made 1,944 claims, and the number jumped to 2,168 the next year.

Tourist dies in Savannah after slipping and falling over handrail

The annual St. Patrick's Day celebration in Savannah, Georgia, began on a very somber note Friday. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a 57-year-old tourist was killed when he fell 40 feet from the top of a stairway on what appears to be city property.

Woman awarded $415,000 in slip and fall suit against Costco

Atlanta residents who are injured on another person's property are often able to hold the owner or manager of that property accountable for their injuries. Of course, individuals are responsible for their own actions to a certain extent, but property owners also have a responsibility to keep their land free of known dangers to the public and their business patrons. These accidents often fall under premises liability law.

Reality TV slip-and-fall claim settled

Former pop star and reality show fixture Paula Abdul agreed to pay $900,000 in damages to a woman who allegedly fell on her property several years ago. "Slip and fall" lawsuits are a type of premises liability action that holds the owner of a property responsible for injuries.

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