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The commom law principle of res ipsa loquitur

Some Georgia residents who have been injured in an accident might be wondering what makes a personal injury lawsuit successful in a court setting. A showing of negligence is required and, to be proven, there are specific factors that must be present in order for the party who caused the injuries to be held responsible for them. Since evidence is often unclear and lacking in specificity, negligence in some situations can be proven under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, a Latin phrase meaning 'the thing speaks for itself."

Piece of stone falls from building, kills woman walking below

Georgia residents may be interested in the story of one woman who was fatally injured in Illinois when part of a building fell on her while she was walking. The building had failed some recent inspections due to a cracked façade and other structural issues.

Civil remedies for injuries caused by inadequate security

Property owners and managers in Georgia are expected to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of visitors, and an important part of this duty is making sure that security measures are adequate. Failure to meet these standards could lead to visitors being harassed, injured or the victims of crime. If you are the victim of an assault or property crime, you will likely consider it a matter for the criminal justice system. However, you may also have civil remedies available to you against the owners or managers of the property where the incident occurred.

Attorney cites inadequate security as factor in Georgia rape case

According to the attorney for a Savannah, Georgia rape victim, inadequate security was a factor in the assailant's ability to isolate and attack his victim. The rape occurred earlier this month on the grounds of Candler Hospital in Savannah. The assailant allegedly accosted the victim in the parking lot after she exited the building, leaving her with injuries requiring hospitalization.

Mall shooting grabs attention of nation, kills 3

A mall shooting made headlines in Georgia and across the nation when three people were killed in Maryland on Jan. 25. The shooter himself was among those who died. Authorities claim that they found additional ammunition on the shooter along with two explosive devices among his possessions.

Malls try to provide adequate security for shoppers

Some recent mall shootings may have Georgia shoppers more hesitant to leave their homes to make holiday purchases. Even though an increase in Internet shopping has reduced business somewhat, retailers are taking shopper safety seriously and taking steps to protect their customers from violence nationwide.

Woman sexually assaulted in South Beach hotel

Atlanta residents may be interested in a sexual assault story coming from the southern shores of Florida. Miami Beach police stated that they have identified the man who attacked a female South Beach hotel guest at about 4:30 a.m. on Sept. 6. The 26-year-old man allegedly sexually assaulted the woman after entering an elevator in the hotel with her. The man told the victim that he was headed for the same floor. When the doors to the elevator opened, the man grabbed the woman, dragged her to her hotel room and sexually assaulted her. He also robbed the woman, who was visiting from Switzerland.

Negligent property owners may face liability

Georgia residents will be interested to hear that twelve people, including four firefighters, were recently injured in New York City building explosion and fire, according to the Associated Press. Although the cause of the explosion was unknown at the time, first responders reported that the first floor of the Chinatown building partially collapsed as a result of the explosion. News source later reported that the blast was a natural gas explosion, possibly caused by a broken gas line.

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