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Understanding what constitutes a slip-and-fall case

When a person slips and falls on someone's property in Georgia, it could fall under the category of cases referred to as premise liability claims. This is because slip-and-fall accidents usually happen on a premise that is owned by someone, which could make the property owner legally responsible for the conditions that led to the slip and fall.

What to do after a slip-and-fall injury

Georgia residents who enter someone else's property may be injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Regardless of the cause, there are a few steps that any injury victim will want to take immediately afterwards. The first and most obvious step is to tend to the injuries. Open wounds should be cleaned to reduce the risk for infection. In cases of severe bleeding or injuries made by contact with a dirty object, one should go to the hospital.

Injured woman gets new trial against grocery store

Slip-and-fall injuries can cause serious damage to customers in Georgia at public places like supermarkets and shopping malls. If their injury is due to the negligence of the business involved, they may sue on the basis of premises liability for their lost wages, medical bills and related damages. However, people might face a challenging time proving that the company was negligent in a way that caused their fall. In some cases, this could be because the store itself has deleted the evidence that could point to poor maintenance or other unsafe standards.

Supermarket chain virtually eliminates slip-and-fall accidents

Retailers in Georgia and around the country tend to view slip-and-fall accidents and the lawsuits that they give rise to as an inevitable part of doing business, but a Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain has virtually eliminated slip-and-fall injuries at its 57 warehouse and convenience stores by making both employee and customer safety a top priority. Redner's Markets has achieved this by adopting a comprehensive strategy that includes frequently checking store floors for spills or other hazards, providing all workers with thorough safety training and placing adhesive-backed floor mats in high-risk areas.

Trips and falls more frequent among youth than elderly

Georgia residents should know about a study from Purdue University that states that trips and falls are more frequent among young adults than the elderly. Researchers had a group of 94 college students (average age 19) respond to a daily online survey asking if they had tripped in the past 24 hours. The study period was four months, and the response rate was 93 percent.

Facts about falling at home or work

Falls represent one of the most common reasons why a person would visit an emergency room in Georgia. Nationally, falls accounted for more than eight million visits to an emergency room while slip and fall accidents accounted for more than a million. Inadequate floors or flooring material causes up to two million injuries from falls per year. Those who fall can experience serious injuries, and 5 percent of people who fall experience a fracture of some sort.

How to avoid a fall

A slippery floor may result in a person falling while at a friend's house or while walking in an office building. It is also possible to trip on stairs or slip on a parking lot that hasn't been cleared of ice and snow. Falls can be especially dangerous because they can happen at any time and to any person regardless of what they are doing.

The various risks a grocery store may pose to consumers

Those who frequent Georgia supermarkets know that the floors can sometimes be slippery. Floors generally get slick when dish soap, water or some other liquid falls on them. However, other types of debris can also make a floor hazardous to walk on. In an effort to mitigate a potentially dangerous condition, grocery stores use mats or other surfaces that offer more grip. Stores may also try to keep floors dry by mopping and waxing them as needed.

How slip-and-fall cases are decided

If an individual gets hurt from a fall that occurs while on another party's property, he or she may have a legal claim. Typically, such cases that are brought forth in Georgia are negligence claims. This means that the defendant was not intentionally trying to hurt the plaintiff. How a case is settled depends on the severity of the injury and the amount of the damages incurred.

Tennis player settles case over slip and fall injury

While athletes in Georgia may have reason to be concerned about suffering sports injuries on the field, sometimes those damages can come as a result of a slip-and-fall accident rather than as part of the activity itself. One example is the case of Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard, who suffered a head injury after slipping and falling on a locker room floor at the 2015 U.S. Open tennis tournament. She ultimately settled a liability lawsuit over the incident with the United States Tennis Association in February.

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