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When bars and restaurants might be liable

Suffering a serious injury in an accident with a drunk driver in Georgia can leave you facing permanent disabilities and a reduced quality of life. If you subsequently learn that the driver was overserved at a restaurant or bar just before your accident, you may be infuriated that your accident and injuries could have been prevented.

Staying safe in parking lots and parking garages

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has stated that over 1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking garages or parking lots. Georgia residents should know that the first step they should take in order to avoid becoming victims themselves is to increase awareness. They should not walk to their vehicle while texting or being distracted in some other way.

Keeping the home and guests safe during a gathering

Having people over, whether it's for a small get-together or for a big party, will require homeowners to think a little about safety. First of all, Georgia homeowners are advised to inquire about their limit of liability coverage in their insurance policies. For especially large events, such as weddings, it may be a good idea to add coverage.

What small business owners must do to avoid slip and falls

Slips, trips and falls can frequently occur on small business properties, but owners can avoid many such accidents if they exercise their duty of care to their entrants, which includes both employees and patrons. The following are basics that apply to businesses in Georgia and across the U.S.

Orangutan in Toledo Zoo injures volunteer

Georgia residents who frequent zoos or work at one know that injuries can result through contact with animals. In December 2018, an intern at a North Carolina zoo was killed by a lion that left its enclosure. On January 26, a Toledo Zoo volunteer was seriously injured when a 14-year-old male orangutan grabbed her hand through a mesh enclosure, detaching her thumb in the process.

Heart attack after ride leads to theme park lawsuit

The family of a man who died at a theme park has filed a lawsuit seeking damages for wrongful death. Among the issues raised in the lawsuit is whether the park had a duty to put up warning signs in Spanish. People who have been injured due to the negligence of others in Georgia might be interested in the details of the case, which raises issues related to personal injury and premises liability.

Zoo intern killed by escaped lion

Zoos in Georgia or anywhere in the U.S. are meant to be safe places where visitors can see and learn about wildlife. However, accidents can happen. On Dec. 28, a 22-year-old intern lost her life after a lion escaped a locked area at a North Carolina zoo while she was routinely cleaning the animal enclosure. The 22-year-old was a recent graduate of Indiana University working at the zoo in order to develop her career in animal care. She had been employed there for around two weeks at the time of the incident.

Slippery floors to blame for many slip and falls

CNA Financial released a Slip and Fall Study Report back in 2017 that property owners in Georgia should take note of. Flooring on business properties should be slip resistant. In technical terms, it should produce a dynamic coefficient of friction of at least 0.42, according to the American National Standards Institute. In 50 percent of the sites surveyed by CNA, however, the flooring failed to produce this DCOF.

Avoiding accidents on the escalator

Georgia residents can generally feel confident that they are safe while riding an escalator. However, it is possible to get into an accident by not paying attention to the escalator itself or other riders. To get onto the escalator safely, riders should first look to see which direction it is going. Parents should have a firm grip on their child's hand prior to taking the first step. The other hand should be kept free to grip the guardrail.

How dog bite liability is determined

Georgia, like every state, has laws on dog bite liability. Dog owners may be held liable for any injuries that their pets cause. In addition, business owners, daycare providers, landlords and others who are responsible for the safety of a property can also be subjects of a lawsuit. The following is an outline of how most negligence laws work.

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