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How vicarious liability works

In some negligence cases in Georgia, the responsibility for an injury or accident may be laid not on an individual but on a party that was not directly involved in the incident. This is called vicarious liability. This concept is often used to ensure that victims are compensated by a financially stable and adequately insured party.

When to clear a roof of ice or snow

While Georgia may not see a lot of snow, it doesn't mean that a snowstorm can't occur in a given winter season. It is also possible for ice to accumulate and put stress on a roof. Therefore, it is worth knowing how much weight a roof can handle before it needs to be cleared off. Generally, a roof in good condition can handle up to 20 pounds per square foot. Roofs that are built in snowier climates may be built to withstand heavier loads.

The importance of a home electrical inspection

Between 2010 and 2014, there were 45,210 fires in homes caused by electrical problems, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Therefore, it is important to conduct a safety check before moving into a home in Georgia or any other state. The first step in such an inspection is to check the outlets to be sure that they have plates, and outlet plugs can be purchased to prevent small children from getting hurt.

Understanding when property negligence occurs

Georgia residents who are injured on another person's property may have a claim against the property owner. Generally speaking, the property owner has a duty to ensure that a yard or interior space is safe to occupy. Failing to act in a reasonable manner to ensure those conditions may represent negligence on his or her part.

Attempted murder-suicide leaves woman dead

A Georgia man accused of killing his wife with a gun before turning the weapon on himself was reportedly charged with murder and other associated offenses on May 9. Authorities said the incident occurred at about 5:40 a.m. at the man's home on Bridge Walk Drive in Lawrenceville the previous day.

Guardrails may cause serious injuries or fatalities

Some Georgians can be severely injured or killed when they strike guardrails, especially when they hit the end portion of the rails. Cases have been reported in which the guardrail endpoints slice through vehicles that hit them rather than deflecting away from the cars. Some of these problems are caused by design flaws while others result from the negligent maintenance of breakaway cables that are supposed to cause the guardrails to deflect away from the vehicles upon impact.

Problematic bridge road shut down again

A Georgia bridge that residents say has had problems for years was closed after a storm over the first weekend of April. Patterson Bridge Road in Hepzibah may be under repairs for months, according to officials, and residents are angry because they say the bridge has been causing problems for commuters for a long time.

Georgia apartment fire kills 3, displaces 16 families

On Sept. 1, officials with the American Red Cross reported that 16 families were displaced after a fire raged through a Georgia apartment complex the previous day. Three people were taken to a hospital for treatment but none of the injuries that were suffered were considered to be life-threatening.

Purpose of building codes

Construction codes exist in Georgia to ensure that buildings are safe for occupancy and are structurally sound for continued use. The goal is to protect the health, property and life of Georgia residents through the prevention of unsafe construction methods. Cities are able to enforce the stricter building requirements through the use of building permits and construction inspections.

Negligent property owners may face liability

Georgia residents will be interested to hear that twelve people, including four firefighters, were recently injured in New York City building explosion and fire, according to the Associated Press. Although the cause of the explosion was unknown at the time, first responders reported that the first floor of the Chinatown building partially collapsed as a result of the explosion. News source later reported that the blast was a natural gas explosion, possibly caused by a broken gas line.

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