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Dangerous property leads to Atlanta woman's injury

A woman who was at the production of a play at Alliance Theatre in Atlanta sustained an injury when part of a stage prop fell and hit her head. The accident occurred late last month and the woman was transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment of minor injuries. Although no official lawsuit has been filed as few details have been released regarding the incident, a situation of this nature can sometimes rise to the level of a premises liability claim. While theater productions are not the typical site of a premises liability claim, the property owner could potentially be held responsible. Just like shopping centers or other commercial businesses, property owners are expected to keep their properties in a safe condition that does not result in an injury to customers, clients or guests.

See-through storefront at Apple sparks premises liability suit

Atlanta residents know that the Apple company is known for many things, including the stylish, sleek design of its products and stores. However, some people are saying that Apple's storefronts--complete with signature glass architecture--are not as much chic as they are dangerous.

Sugarland tries to delay stage collapse testimony

You do not need to be a country music fan to have heard of the band Sugarland. Atlanta residents who do not know the band's music have likely heard about the catastrophe that ensued when the band's stage collapsed beneath them during an August concert. Seven people died and dozens were injured.

Woman awarded $415,000 in slip and fall suit against Costco

Atlanta residents who are injured on another person's property are often able to hold the owner or manager of that property accountable for their injuries. Of course, individuals are responsible for their own actions to a certain extent, but property owners also have a responsibility to keep their land free of known dangers to the public and their business patrons. These accidents often fall under premises liability law.

Dodgers want injured fan's premises liability suit dismissed

In Atlanta and throughout the United States, property owners and managers have an obligation to keep their premises safe from unreasonable risks. This involves a requirement to provide adequate security. Often, landlords or landowners can be held responsible for third party attacks under premises liability law if they fail to provide this basic protection.

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