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The importance of premises liability coverage at airports

There are many responsibilities that go along with owning, leasing or operating on an airport in Georgia, one of which is insurance. This applies to people who may lease hanger space for purposes not involving aviation-related activities. Most agreements require leaseholders to have liability insurance related to possible instances of tenant negligence. Options with liability coverage include general liability, public liability and owner/landlord-tenant liability. However, it's premises liability that may be especially beneficial for anyone owning or leasing airport property.

Apartment building fire sparks lawsuit

An apartment building fire can be a major tragedy for Georgia residents and their families, which is one reason why it is often a major fear of apartment dwellers. Residents of one Texas building recently learned in a horrifying way that the safety standards they may have expected of their building were, unfortunately, not in place or functioning correctly. On July 20, 2018, the Iconic Village Apartmens burst into flames overnight. However, the fire alarms did not sound, and people in the building were awoken by invading smoke, heat, breaking glass and screams as a result.

Injured contracted employees may have claim for damages

If a person who was contracted for a job becomes injured while on the job in Georgia, the party liable for financial compensation and medical bills depends on the nature of the incident. Many contractors are licensed and bonded, which means that their medical claims would be handled by their own insurance company. If the contracted employee is not licensed or bonded, however, a personal injury claim may help a contracted employee receive damages for their injury.

Court rules that golf courses must protect against wasps

Georgia residents who either own a property or frequent one where certain dangers are present should know about a premises liability case in California that ended in an interesting court decision. Back in July 2013, a woman at a golf club in Napa Valley was taking private golf lessons when she was swarmed by yellow jackets at the fifth hole. These wasps are predatory and can attack without any provocation. The woman was stung more than 50 times and, according to paramedics, was within 15 seconds of dying. Her physical recovery cost her over a month of work, and her development of a deathly allergy to wasps means that she must now carry EpiPens wherever she goes.

How homeowners in Georgia can keep their pools safe

According to the CDC, there are 7.4 million swimming pools and 5 million hot tubs in public or residential use across the U.S. At the same time, there are more than 3,500 non-boating drowning accidents every year, many of them occurring in pools. Pools present other hazards, such as exposure to toxic chemicals and mechanical failure.

Common ankle injuries in slip and fall cases

Georgia residents can hurt themselves in any number of ways on other people's property. They could trip over cords and debris, slip on icy sidewalks or fall down stairs after handling a loose railing. Some of the most common injuries in slip, trip and fall accidents are ankle injuries. There are various types, so it's important to distinguish among them.

Objects falling from upper story windows and premises liability

Identifying defendants in a premises liability case resulting from objects falling from tall buildings in Georgia could prove complicated. Take for example the scenario of an improperly installed air conditioner unit in the window of an upper story apartment. Urban myths warn of the dangers of these units falling and hitting people on sidewalks. It rarely happens, but, when it does, the details in each case influence the assignment of responsibility for a victim's damages.

How small businesses can prevent slip and falls

Business owners in Georgia, as elsewhere in the U.S., know what it can mean for them if a customer slips and falls on their property. Such an accident could be attributed to the business owner's negligence and lead to the victim filing a premises liability claim. In the end, whether the victim receives a settlement or not, the business owner will have to spend time and money on a legal defense.

Roller coaster derailment leads to injuries

Some Georgia residents may have heard about a roller coaster derailment in Florida on June 14. The Sand Blaster ride at Daytona Beach had 10 people on it when the accident occurred. Two of them fell to the ground and two others were left dangling in one of the cars. In all, the Halifax Health Medical Center said it admitted nine people in connection with accident.

Regulation vs. litigation in amusement park accident cases

Before 1981, fixed amusement rides were regulated by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Today, Georgia and other states regulate these rides within their own borders, and regulations aren't necessarily uniform in each state. This is because of a budget deal reached in 1981, and lobbying efforts by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions have kept proposals for federal regulations at bay.

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