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Man awarded $20 million for faulty swing set accident

Georgia residents who live in areas that have a homeowners association may be interested to learn that a Las Vegas HOA was ordered to pay $20 million to a man on account of a faulty swing set in a playground that it maintained. According to the report, the faulty swing set collapsed on the man when he was a teenager, leaving him with brain damage.

Filing a claim for unsafe building injuries

The laws in Georgia and across the U.S. make provisions for those who are injured in unsafe buildings. Whether they slip on a wet floor, trip on a pothole, fall down broken stairs or get struck by a falling object, people have the right to file a claim for compensatory damages.

Residents may be required to provide shelter in emergencies

In the event of an impending crisis, homes and businesses may make ideal shelters if their owners choose to make them available. If legislation written by a Hawaii lawmaker is passed, they would be required to make them available to all members of the public. However, the lawmaker did say that the intent of the law was to prevent businesses or homeowners from sending people out into the streets during an emergency.

Company says no problems with shuttle boat before fatal fire

Travelers from Georgia depend on transportation service providers to maintain safety. When something goes wrong, however, passengers might be left to fend for themselves as appeared to be the case when a fire rapidly consumed a casino shuttle boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Although the crew tried to reach land, the flames forced passengers to jump 12 feet into waist-deep water. Fifteen passengers eventually needed hospitalization, and one 42-year-old woman died shortly after the incident. Except for the woman who died, hospital officials reported that the other victims were expected to survive.

Civil suit against Keyshia Cole ends with default judgment

Georgia fans of the singer Keyshia Cole or the rapper Birdman may have heard about the incident that occurred at his apartment in September 2014. At the time, Cole and Birdman were in a relationship, and Cole saw a woman, Sabrina Mercadel, at Birdman's apartment. Cole was taken into custody after she attacked the woman and scratched her face.

How to react in an emergency situation

If a Georgia resident is caught in a situation where hundreds of people are in a panicked frenzy, that person's best option is to remain calm. Doing so may make it possible to think in a logical manner and help keep that person safe. When people are in crowds, such as at a concert, they generally try to find open space in front of them. This is generally done to find air and to avoid running into people.

Outdoor party risks

Georgia residents should be aware of the various accidents that can occur at outdoor parties, carnivals, and even picnics, especially when they are set up with complex rides and other attractions. In New Jersey, one man attending his wife's company picnic was injured by a device that the company had set up: a Eurobungy bungee-trampoline.

Woman sues Disney after suffering injuries on raft ride

Georgia residents who love going to Disneyland may be interested to learn that on Nov. 16, a woman filed a lawsuit against Disney claiming that a ride left her with injuries to her teeth and jaw. In the lawsuit, the 52-year-old woman blamed the operators for failing to keep the ride safe for visitors.

Jury awards $7.5 million in Walmart slip and fall lawsuit case

Georgia residents may have read media reports about a man who was awarded $7.5 million in damages after filing a slip and fall lawsuit against Walmart. The 61-year-old Alabama man sued the big-box retailer on claims of wantonness and negligence after breaking his hip at a Phenix City Walmart store in 2015. After deliberating for approximately two hours, the Russell County Circuit Court jury awarded the man $5 million in punitive damages and $2.5 million in compensatory damages.

Family sues stadium over man's fatal fall

Georgia football fans may have heard that the family of a man who fell to his death at Denver's Sports Authority Field at Mile High is suing the stadium and others for wrongful death damages. The complaint was filed in Denver on Oct. 24, exactly one year after the incident occurred.

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