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Can you record the police?

Police misconduct is a serious issue that for decades people have found it hard to fight back against. In cases where the police department carried out the investigation after allegations of wrongdoing, people would question how accurate that investigation could be....

Has a traumatic amputation changed your life?

Serious car accidents can take a tremendous toll on a person's life. Your day may have started out like any other, only to turn into one that was completely life-changing. That day, you did not make it to your intended destination. Instead, another person caused a...

4 shopping hazards to watch out for this season

You, like many other Georgia residents, will likely be out and about doing some shopping over the next several weeks. You may need to make multiple runs to the grocery store to make sure that you have everything you need for various festivities, and you may even be on...

How safe are you at the mall?

Shopping malls may not bring the kind of traffic they did a few decades ago. However, some mall owners are shifting their thinking in light of online shopping. More restaurants and entertainment businesses are taking the place of clothing and shoe stores.Nevertheless,...

Fire dangers in apartment buildings

The money you pay for your rental unit covers a variety of expenses. In addition to paying for a place to live, your rent may include hot water, a parking space, extra storage and maintenance. Renting an apartment in Georgia instead of owning your residence often...

Did you suffer injuries while living in a rental?

When you began looking for a place to live, you may have felt limited in your options. Various circumstances could have led to this feeling, such as few available rentals in your area, limited income or other factors. After a time, you found a place you could afford...


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