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Inadequate security efforts can lead to liability for businesses

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Premises Liability

Businesses and other property owners often responsible when people get hurt on their premises. A standard premises liability claim might involve a slip-and-fall incident or poorly maintained stairs in an apartment building leading to serious injuries. People who fall because of unkempt spaces

However, there are many scenarios in which a business or property owner has liability for someone’s injuries. Criminal activity at a business can potentially lead to liability for the company, much like improper facility maintenance would.

Someone affected by a mugging or an assault at a business could hold the company accountable if they can show there were negligent security practices employed by the business.

What constitutes negligence related to business security?

In theory, requiring that businesses prevent crimes could place a significant burden on business owners and operators. However, there are limitations to a company’s responsibility for criminal behavior on their premises. It is not the responsibility of any business to prevent 100% of potential crimes, only to take steps that reasonable people would agree are necessary.

For the victim of a crime to have a valid claim, they need to show that the business was negligent. In a legal sense, negligence means failing to do something that other people would see as appropriate or reasonable. Not having lights in a parking lot is an example of business negligence, as most people could foresee and opportunistic robbery taking place when the nearby businesses close at night and the workers must walk to their cars in the dark.

Failing to have security cameras in interior hallways and around entrances, not employing a security guard at a business with a lot of people present, like a nightclub, or allowing easy public access to a facility like a hotel could all be examples of negligence security practices.

If simple security measures would have reasonably prevented the criminal activity, then the person affected by the crime may have grounds to bring a claim against the business. Such claims could result in an insurance settlement or may require litigation in civil court. Recognizing when a business might be responsible for your injuries that help you pursue a premises liability claim and secure compensation after a criminal incident.


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