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GA vehicle crashes a big concern, especially when trucks are involved

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Car Accidents

Following is a question that might logically lead off any Georgia-linked blog post spotlighting motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta and elsewhere across the state.

To wit: How serious are they?

Readers who spend even a modicum of time behind the wheel on state roadways know well the answer to that query, and sometimes from personal experience.

It is this: Adverse personal injury outcomes stemming from vehicle crashes and collisions are a problem of flatly outsized significance. Moreover, that problem is recurrent, with high numbers of catastrophic and deadly injuries occurring annually, regardless of safety campaigns and enforcement efforts.

Statistical proofs underscoring Georgia’s MVA concerns

Multiple and varied sources regularly weigh in with numerical data and linked information addressing motor vehicle accidents that occur in Georgia. Here are some key – and eminently sobering – takeaways germane to crashes that are provided by the state’s Department of Public Health relevant to a recent year:

  • Leading cause of injury deaths
  • Second leading cause of required hospitalizations and treatment received in emergency care facilities
  • Georgia having notably high number of traffic fatalities compared to other states with similar populations

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety adds weight to such data/findings with additionally clarifying information. Here are some key fatality-tied numbers and related data the agency provides from 2018:

  • 1,500-plus traffic deaths across the state
  • Nearly 1,000 passenger vehicle fatalities
  • Progressive jump in pedestrian deaths
  • Spike in distraction-tied catalysts (e.g., behind-the-wheel cellphone use)

Big trucks: an especially prominent crash nemesis

Any authoritative legal source on Georgia motor vehicle accidents and resulting personal injuries will occasionally underscore the outsized role played by large commercial trucks in adverse crash outcomes.

And for good reason: Big rigs like tractor trailers and assorted 18-wheel configurations are literal giants on the road. They are prime crash catalysts for many reasons, including these:

  • Comparatively slow stopping ability, with extra time and distance needed far beyond what is required for smaller passenger vehicles
  • Prominent blind spots that limit truckers’ ability to timely and fully see surrounding traffic
  • Limited ability to soundly maneuver in emergency situations vehicles that span scores of feet and weigh many thousands of pounds
  • Recurrently documented instances of driver impairment owing to fatigue, alcohol/drug use and other factors

Georgia truck crash victims have strong legal rights and an opportunity to pursue a meaningful legal remedy in the wake of an accident, but they must act in a timely and proactive manner.

A proven and empathetic personal injury legal team can help guide the process and diligently pursue an outcome marked by accountability and maximum compensation.


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