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Signs a nursing home might neglect residents

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2020 | Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

The decision to have a loved one move into a nursing home isn’t ever one that’s taken lightly. Anyone who’s in this position needs to ensure that they are taking steps to keep the resident safe. One important thing that you should do is visit the facility and watch for signs that there is something amiss with it. While you might know to look for obvious things like filth around the building, but there are some other signs to watch for.

Try to check the state of the rooms when you walk around the unit. If you notice things like unclean floors, missing or dim lighting or similar problems in rooms that should be clean and brightly lit, it could be a sign that the upkeep isn’t that good. Check the water pressure in the faucets to ensure that it adequate.

There should be railings on stairs and ramps. In most facilities, there should also be railings along the walls so that people who need assistance with balancing or minor mobility issues can hold them as they move around.

Any floor coverings should be in good repair. Frayed or curled edges increase the chance of someone falling, so no rugs should have either of those. There also shouldn’t be anything strewn about or crossing the floor without proper securement. For example, an extension cord should be housed in a covering so it isn’t a trip hazard.

You can also speak to the residents who currently reside there. You should pay attention to what they’re wearing and how they’re cared for. At a minimum, all residents should have on clothing appropriate for the conditions in the facility, and they should have decent personal hygiene.

Even if you watch for the signs that a facility isn’t up to par, there’s a chance that you might not see any warnings. Be sure to watch your loved one to find out if there are any situations that need to be addressed. Legal action is possible if there is an issue with neglect or abuse.


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