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Would better lighting or security have prevented your assault?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2020 | Negligent Security

Atlanta is a busy city with many neighborhoods that are substantially more prone to criminal activity than others. People can wind up victimized just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether you visited a hotel bar downtown as part of a night out or were walking through the alley next to your apartment complex, location can play a very significant role in the likelihood of you becoming the victim of a crime, such as assault or robbery.

Businesses located in high-crime areas and in districts that serve tourists should take extra steps to ensure that they have adequate lighting inside and outside of their facilities, as well as proper security in order to deter criminals from targeting people on their property. Failing to invest in security could lead to premises liability claims from victims of crimes that would not have occurred in the presence of bright lights or security cameras.

Criminals target areas where they won’t get caught

Having a security officer who patrols the parking lot, security cameras placed obviously in isolated locations like stairwells and parking garages and even bright lights, potentially connected to a motion detector so the business won’t waste electricity or contribute to light pollution, can drastically increase the security of a location that criminals might otherwise choose to target.

Criminals generally don’t want to get caught, so they will specifically choose locations for assaults and robberies where they know they won’t wind up spotted or recorded by cameras. Businesses that don’t take adequate steps to protect visitors and patrons could wind up facing premises liability claims related to that oversight.


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