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Help for the victims injured by criminal conduct

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Negligent Security

There are many ways Georgia residents can suffer injuries because of another person’s misconduct. The problem with this sort of situation is who to hold responsible for a victim’s suffering. 

For example, say you are staying overnight in an Atlanta hotel and someone breaks into your room. If they assault you or perhaps injure you while taking your property, what can you do to remedy your situation? Filing a lawsuit against the individual who committed the crime probably will not help you very much.

Initiating a premises liability claim against the owner of the hotel could be the best way to proceed. At this point, we like to encourage victims harmed by criminal behavior on someone else’s property to speak with a legal professional. Doing so is an excellent way of finding out if the hotel owner might be the one that is responsible for your injuries. 

To illustrate hotel injury responsibility, we offer two examples of premises liability cases in which a hotel owner might be accountable for your harm. 

  1. If the property owner knew that someone in the area was breaking into hotel rooms, he or she should have warned you about the possibility of criminal activity.
  2. If the property owner knew that the doors or windows in the building were damaged or not strong enough to ward off a person intent on breaking in, those doors or windows should have been replaced.

In both situations, the key factor is the hotel owner’s knowledge that guest safety might be compromised. Failing to take proper precautions to protect guest safety could be viewed as negligence on the part of the property owner. As such, you have the right to hold the owner responsible for his or her negligence.

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