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For crime victims, it can be a long and difficult road to recovery

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Victims Of Crimes

It is perhaps understandable in this year of the coronavirus pandemic that some other important issues have been overlooked by both Atlanta media and national news outlets. A few days ago, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week ended with little fanfare or notice.

When the virus has been contained and brought under control, we hope that media attention to the issue of crime and its victims can return to normal. Unfortunately, for many victims of crimes, a return to normal can be long, difficult and painful – if not impossible.

As regular readers of our legal issues blog know, crime victims can pursue compensation in all types of crimes and misconduct, including the following:

  • Sexual assaults: history does repeat itself in cases of rape and other sexual crimes that many times take place in spots where previous sex crimes have occurred. Far too often, the owners of the properties where the sex crimes took place in the past have taken no steps to protect visitors in the present. Those owners can be held accountable for criminal acts on their properties.
  • Assaults: owners and managers of commercial properties such as stores, bars, shopping centers, hotels, apartments, parking lots, banks, etc., can be held financially responsible by crime victims who are attacked on the premises. Unsafe conditions such as poor lighting and inadequate security can expose visitors and guests to preventable dangers.
  • Police misconduct: no one is safe when law enforcement officers feel free to use excessive force when making arrests, conducting investigations or detaining citizens. Police officers are sworn to protect, not punish, harass or victimize members of the public. Unfortunately, there are also many examples of jail and prison guards using excessive force and causing needless injuries when dealing with inmates.

Whether you have been a victim of assault or a sex crime in a parking lot, bar, nightclub, apartment, store or hotel, you have rights. An attorney experienced in crime victims compensation litigation can help you pursue the justice you deserve in a lawsuit against a negligent owner or manager of a commercial property and the insurer of the premises.

Our attorneys also want to keep you safe during the pandemic. We will gladly meet with you by video, phone or in person to discuss your case.


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