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Can bars be held responsible when you are assaulted?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Inadequate Security, Negligent Security, Premises Liability

While going out to bars can be fun, you never know who is going to be there. There may be the danger of assault while you are visiting local businesses. If you are the victim of a crime, is there anyone at fault other than the perpetrator? You may be suffering from physical injuries, emotional damage or time lost from work. Is the establishment you were visiting responsible for the incident?

Dram shop laws

Dram shop laws” are regulations that apply to taverns, bars, nightclubs and other establishments that serve alcohol. These and social host liability laws determine an establishment’s responsibility when it comes to alcohol, including injury caused by someone who was over-served.

This can apply to an individual who was given too many drinks and assaults or injures another, including through drunk driving. If someone is allowed to become overly intoxicated and assaults you, it may be the fault of the business.

Responsibility of businesses

All businesses are responsible for taking measures to create a safe environment for employees and customers. Like how they could be sued for injuries on slippery floors, assault from an employee or third party could leave the business at fault. However, you will likely need to have evidence of negligence.

Negligence of a business could involve lack of security and safety measures, and failure to remove a potential threat. If someone comes into a bar and is obviously a threat to others, but security fails to throw them out, the bar may be held responsible for harm caused by that person.

If you were the victim of an assault, you should always call law enforcement. Report the incident to police and contact an attorney. Every situation is unique, so you should always talk to a legal professional to determine fault. Not only is the offending individual responsible for the incident, you may deserve compensation from the bar as well.


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