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4 shopping hazards to watch out for this season

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Firm News

You, like many other Georgia residents, will likely be out and about doing some shopping over the next several weeks. You may need to make multiple runs to the grocery store to make sure that you have everything you need for various festivities, and you may even be on the lookout for special gifts.

You may look forward to this time of year because you love the festive feelings and giving to others. You may also enjoy getting in some shopping time. Of course, even a loved activity can have its dangers, and shopping is no different.

Injured while shopping?

You may scoff at the idea of shopping being a dangerous activity, but it can pose a number of hazards. This time of year, more people are frequenting shopping locations, which means you will have to contend with more traffic in parking lots and more crowded stores. You will also have to navigate the many decorations that most stores are quick to display this time of year. While these aspects may make you feel more in the winter spirit, they can each pose serious hazards as well, such as:

  • Head and body injuries: You may be admiring a display only for an object to suddenly fall from a shelf because it was stacked precariously or someone bumped into the shelf. This may not seem like an ordeal, but if the object hits you, you could suffer serious injuries.
  • Parking lot injuries: You may not mind parking and walking a short distance to the store of your choosing, but you may want to remember that serious accidents can take place in store parking lots, including tripping over cracked pavement or slipping on icy walkways.
  • Overcrowding injuries: On some popular shopping days stores may be filled to capacity. When this happens, it is easy for overcrowding to cause serious problems. People could shove and knock others to the ground, and it is possible to end up trampled.
  • Slip and fall injuries: You could easily slip on a wet floor or trip over an electrical cord for a display, among many other scenarios. Though falls can be embarrassing, they can also cause injuries.

You certainly do not want to end up in the hospital this winter, but it is a possibility. If it does happen to you, you may want to look into whether the store owner could be held liable for the injuries you suffered on the premises. 


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