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An overview of escalator safety

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Premises Liability

Though escalators are among the safest modes of transportation, they can still be the site of accidents. The National Elevator Industry offers some escalator safety tips that Georgia residents will want to take into account. After all, the majority of accidents stem from the negligence of those riding the escalator.

Passengers must first of all step on and off while watching the direction of the steps, holding the handrail once they are on and facing forward. They should not ride on the handrail. Furthermore, riders must never step on to an escalator that’s heading in the opposite direction.

If they are with a child, passengers should hold the child’s hand firmly and keep the child from sitting on the steps or standing too close to the sides. If they are carrying packages, passengers should ensure that one hand is still free to hold the handrail. Stepping off should be a swift motion; the feet should go over the comb fingers and not slide over the end of the escalator. Once off the escalator, passengers should move clear of it.

Loose clothing poses a danger on escalators, so passengers must make sure to keep away from the sides. Footwear made of rubbery materials is another safety risk. Wheelchairs, strollers, electric scooters and other similar items are not allowed on escalators.

Many escalator mishaps are preventable accidents, but in some cases, the fault lies with the property owner. For there to be a valid premises liability claim, it must be shown that the owner knew about a problem with the escalator, had sufficient time to fix it and yet failed to do so. This problem must then be linked to one’s injury. Filing an injury claim can be difficult, so a victim may want to hire a lawyer for advice and guidance.


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